Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

Hey Everyone,
     So first, great news we had a baptism ahh it's the best to see people get baptized and come to the Lord.I will just say that this baptism was a little funny because well she's a little big so we brought a chair in the water so we had her sit in the water so that we could dunk her in the water so then we had her just like lean back so we could baptize her and well when we went to bring her back up she just kind of floated and my companion was just like umm what do I do ? nothing ummmmmm so I was like hey grab her and like help her jaja he was just like watching the air or something but we had to have 2 people in the water to baptize her.
      Well that's the good news then we had 2 investigators come to church.The first one when we went to her door  she was ready like hey we going or what?? and the other one we found on the street but I don't think she lives in our area but oh well. 
     So yeah and it's really been raining here like a monster. Like everyday i've had to shower at night and in the day ugh it's a pain. However, it's like if you don't shower you will get sick from the water. I don't really understand it but one time I didn't take a shower and I was sick.
     Okay so I hear Brandon graduated ahhhhhh congrats. So just wait like 6 years for me to get there and we can start a business , alright and then we'll do it. Or better yet Brandon start a company and then I will just join it.
      Well it sounds fun that everyone was searching for a dress for Kelsey and all that fun stuff.
Okay so Mom the 2 phrases are pretty good I mean if you don't try it you can't complain or anything it's like if you haven't tried the food how can you say it's bad and just show up well yeah if your not there well nothing can happen. Well that seems fun that you had that party at your work. 
Well what else? Nothing else really happened. I'm glad everyone had a good holiday because that day doesn't exist here. I don't really know what else to say .I'm getting along with my companion and well everything is going good here we have 2 more weeks before we can change and then who knows what's going to happen. 
well I will coment on my photos. 
so first is my companion,who always cooks really good stuff and made corn dogs. Then it's his birthday and he's 21 haha. Then me on top of a roof where you can see beautiful Mexico where we are on top of a roof.
Then I made some cinnamon toast which was really good, i'm not going to lie . Then he made some cinnamon tortillas which were amazing. I feel like my letter is so short so I dunno. what can I say but I love everyone and I hope everyone is doing well. 
Well i'm gonna send this so  just know that were working hard here and that well I dunno if you want to know anything specific well tell me in your letter.
well I love you guys 
Les Amo 
Elder Cooper

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