Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Monday, May 20, 2013

Another day in the life...

     What's up with everyone? Well this week was a little difficult.So first I will say we went to the doctor's for my companion's heart and that took up a a lot of time so when we got back our numbers were really bad. So on Thursday I got a call in the morning they were like hello who is this and it was our zone leader, so I said like hello how are u?  Then they were like oh were outside because were gonna study with you guys. I was like WHAT ! So we were working with our zone leaders and we found some people but we didn't have a baptism we had 2 people who were possibilities but they didn't end up getting baptized. One of the people was pure crazy because he was saying I have my religion from Africa and was saying all kinds of crazy stuff and this means this and that and blah blah blah. Well were working really hard to find new people and to help them. So the next Sunday we are going to baptize the mom of one of the people we recently baptized so yeah. Sadly she's got a problem with smoking but we are helping her to quit.
     Well I dunno what else to say, last week we worked hard but this week were going to work even harder to find those people. Okay well i'll just say that i'm tired and it is really early. Well what else do I say but Mom did you look into my shoes because as I said I repaired my shoes so there fine but now I don't believe I can get a refund so ask them about that and ask them about the slipons because I left them at another house since they didn't fit at all so ask them if they will send me another one.
      Mom that's great that you went to stake conference and that you heard them speak, and that you guys could sit down together and have a family dinner together. Oh and Grandma Cooper if I send you a card it's not gonna make it so I will just say HAPPY BIRTHDAY before everyone else and love you because i'm your favorite person in Mexico.
     Well i'll send my pictures right now. So first is a sign that I thought was funny because it's just like clean up after your dog but it's in spanish then my beautiful action pose. Then a marchan thats spicy chicken flavor only in Mexico.Next is us in church then us eating pazole which we were given bibs to eat with just look at our necks jajaja.  Wow I feel that my e-mails are so short now for some reason but really nothing happened this week. Well after this we are going to go to Walmart and Office Max. so. Oh I love the photos from when we are on the cruise because there pretty funny. Okay well i'm going to end this by saying everyone be good and remember God. Have fun with your families , always remember Christ and don't be stupid. 
Well I love you guys and thank everyone for everything
Les Amo
Elder Cooper

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