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Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

Hey Everyone,
     Happy Mother's Day ! Okay so I know I just called you guys but here's my email. So yesterday was really great i'm not going to lie. I didn't even cry so I have turned into a man jajaj but no I didn't cry.
     Well this week we didn't have a baptism but we almost did because this kids mom she was like no she just needs more time to sin and to make good decisions and I was said are you kidding me? All you do with time is give Satan time to work with her so we left.
     Well what else happened we found someone else, we walked in and he's like yeah I still want you to baptize me and everything and you know i'm thinking like oh yeah awesome then he said no i'm not married I was like NOOOOOOOOOOO so we need to get him married but he told us I know the church is true and yes I want to be baptized.
      What else nothing much my companion has some heart problems so we are going to go back to the doctors on Wednesday so we will see but I hope everything is all good. Oh I always eat bread here because I like it but they have like sweet bread , it's like bread with sugar but they have bread shops here and there really rich with fresh bread every day. Umm seeing you guys didn't make me homesick and talking to everyone  it was just nice. First all I can say is why didn't anyone tell me Daft Punk has a new album and I hope someone buys it and holds on to it for me?HINT HINT people lol.
Oh yeah Jen just keep sending your letters every week and when I get them I get them and yeah my blog is pretty good because you know i'm Elder Cooper and well there's gonna be a lot of good stories.
     Yep we eat cactus well it's like the part in the middle and oh well and I don't really have to much to say. Okay well here are my photos. So the first is my companion eating a salad because he's always trying to eat good then the other is us eating in burger king yum yum.Oh then there's one where i' m in my bed eating a chilly candy it's like those lucas things but it's way better. Then there's some dumb photos of me and my companion then us at Dominios jaja. Then there's me sleeping in the church the day we were talking then us eating tortas or like a sandwhich thing with all kind of meat in the entro it really is rich. So I really don't know what to say because I just saw everyone but yes i'm doing fine here with Elder Sanchez because I dunno we are always just laughing and working but it's always  fun and time to find people looking for the gospel. Well I guess i'll end my short letter here and just say I love you and i'm thankful that I got to talk to you guys yesterday and I love you 
Les Amo,
Elder Cooper.

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