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Monday, May 6, 2013

Happy Cinco De Mayo

Hey Everyone,
     Okay so first i'll just say we will be using Skype on Sunday the 12th. Yes we will Skype on the 12th because our mission president is awesome and said everyone is going to use Skype on the 12th jajajaj because here in Mexico mothers day is the 10th so that's 2 more days for my companion jajaja but yes I got the information for Skype and we will be using one of the member's computers.
      Okay so this week no baptisms  but we did find some little kids that were going to baptize next week isn't that just good?  Well this week nothing to big has happened really.
What else oh here's some what of a news flash well now our president has said we can e-mail everyone so yeah send those emails because I can respond but of course i'm gonna send one big e-mail so everyone knows what happened but I can email friends and family
( so family that doesn't want to write me YOU CAN JUST EMAIL ME IF YOU WANT NOW).
Okay well yeah Cinco De Mayo doesn't exist here but you know it's always a party here.
     We were working to find baptisms but sadly we didn't find them but one awesome thing that did happen was that we have been working with this members grandpa forever and I thought well he doesn't want it but on then on Sunday I was 
like hey why don't you just come to church and  he's like no I got stuff to do and I haven't bathed and I look terrible. jajaja I said look it's better to go to church because God wants you to be in church and your apperance doesn't matter at all. Just get ready and come to church with your son. He was like no, I dunno. and I said look,  listen to God, he wants us all in church , if we smell, look terrible or whatever but God is happy when we come to church and he's like well I dunno and then he came to church. I dunno if he will get baptized  but I do know that God has started something with him. 
     well what else well nothing really we have just been searching for people but as always there never there.Ahh that's sad The Office is gonna end, oh well. That's good you had the missionaries over. jaja one of the sister missionaries you had over is from Japan and no I don't have any comics from Dragon Ball Z but I have all the episodes but that's funny and that's why they have them drawn that way. Tell her well we don't even have bikes here because they have taken them away from us but that is funny.
Hey someone please send me the photos of when we were in Mexico on the cruise please their funny to show the people here as they always laugh.
I hope Grandma Sims is okay and she knows that she's got my support cause she's a fighter and she always comes thru. 
One thing I have learned is that our trials are testimonies to help other people get through their trials. Well I feel that i'm grateful for everything you and Dad and Jen taught me when I was little I mean even if I didn't remember it but I was still taught my core principles to be a good person.
     jajajajajajajjajaja that's just pure funny with Hill why didn't you just talk to him and say hi and say Coopers doing fine in Mexico and yeah but that's funny cause I have Dad as Dad in my phone that your using but that's pretty funny. Oh also I bought some speakers that are pretty good for only paying  like 25 bucks. Okay well i'm gonna put my photos. 
The first is of us in Mcdonald's as you know I like Mcdonald's  and that's my companion Elder Sanchez. Then with Hermano Castro and the girl in the red shirt I taught her I just walked in and said hey do you want to be baptized and I imagine she was confused then I was like well Natan teach her about baptism cause your going to be a missionary then I was like okay better then nothing so were going to read 3rd Nephi 11 like classic no? So we read it and I said you want to be baptized and she said yes buttttttttttttttttttttttttt she's in the other ward nooooooo but I know God will bless us for our work so that doesn't matter. Then there's a picture of me with an orange with some chili on top, they put chili on everything. Then me looking like a male model with a flower in my hair. 
Then us at KFC which I died from and fell into a coma lol as you can see in the photo. 
Then a photo because I forgot I have 10 MONTHSHSHSHSSHSHS yeahhhhh
Then a photo with some members who are really nice and give us good food. Oh then me with some quesadilla's because here there just folded over and you just put some salsa in them and yeah that's Mexico so the next time you go to make a quesadilla make them like this.
Then the last is with the Reese's thing yo guys sent me and I made it and it's really good i'm not going to lie. Then photos of our house well i'll end this up by saying I love all of you and know that I pray for all of you and that our heavenly father loves you to and has blessings for everyone
Thanks for everything
Les Amo, 
Elder Cooper

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