Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Monday, April 29, 2013

Almost 10 Months

Hey Everyone,
     Well I almost have 10 months but oh well. So first of all we didn't have a baptism this week but we are going to look for someone to baptize. Also no I didn't change areas but I did get a new companion and his name is Elder Sanchez and he's from Chiapas the same as Elder Ferrera and he's got 3 months and so i'm  the señor companion but that doesn't really mean much. Well what happened this week, well  we were just visiting people and trying to find someone to baptize but no we didn't find anyone. At least we have people that are going to get baptized in the future. Okay so today we went to Walmart ( always a good choice and then we had whoppers yum yum). Well i'm still here in Granjas.So I guess i'll just say that the ward is good, and this area is good so yeah it's all fine here.
      Oh and Brandon yeah it seems a little crazy but oh well that's life no? Kelly's going to leave Fedex wahhhhhh no puede hacer. Well maybe Tyler can send her a message Brandon.The internet is dying here because there's like 30 or more people here in this internet cafe. Wow and Stephanie is going to get married wow congratulations to her.
     YES mom I know my room is by far the best room ever it's got tele , well an Xbox sort of
( Eric), and mom I understand some times dad snores like a bear being attacked by a tornado. Oh the march of dimes it was always so pretty but also boring. It's good to change because we should always change because if we don't well we aren't living the gospel fully because we are never perfect and we always need to improve.
     Wow Grandma Sims well I will be praying for you and know like always your a fighter and it will just give you more time to watch 24 or some show that you like ( I dunno what show you like now Grandma since its been 10 months). Oh well tell everyone I say hi on Facebook and thank you for all the birthday wishes and that i'm fine here in Mexico.
Thank you Mom, I also miss all those times that we had driving around when I was super grumpy but you were still the best mom in the world.Wow what can I say Jen you have 3 AA's wow I still don't have anything in the way of universities but Cal State Dominguez watch out.
      Oh and yes I got the speakers there not really loud so I might just look for some here like really cheap but the Mexicans like their speakers here. Also it was a new coke that someone stole from me on the subway but the Mexicans here are crazy and some like to steal.
     okay so I will just say quickly the one of the pictures is my action shot in Zocolo. Then the second is of me peeling potatoes and then the other is with some members and then us with some fancy hats. Then us up on the last floor taking beautiful pictures and finally me in Mcdonalds.
Then there is a picture of me with some Mexican hats, we were about to do the Mexican hat dance.
Then there are some awesome members  and then me eating my favorite candy in the world.
No I haven't received any letters but I will check on Wednesday and no I still haven't made the Reese's mix you guy sent me for my birthday but it's got a pan to cook it in so that's good. 
Well I love you guys but i'm cutting this letter short and well i'm thankful for all that you guys do for me and that you guys are always there for me.Also haven't had a chance to cook still but  you guys are awesome and I love you guys, and thank you and well dunno what else to say but love you guys. 
Les Amo 
Elder Cooper.

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