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Monday, April 15, 2013

It's My Birthday !!

Hello Everyone,
     So yes it was my birthday yesterday and thank you all for the birthday wishes and all the things that you have sent me or anything that i'm not remembering. Okay so first of all I didn't really get much on my birthday but you know what I did receive for my birthday? 2 baptisms oh yeah it was the best birthday present ! Anyways I hope you guy went online and searched for Jorge Castro and if not search for him on YouTube this week and you will be like on my goodness, these are the people Elder Cooper is hanging out with jajaja. First of all he's a member and second we baptized his girlfriend and her son. So yeah it's all good but i'm sure Dad will love the videos of Jorge Castro.
     Oh man this baptism was a disaster at first because the bishop wasn't there and she wanted the bishop to baptize her but  the bishop left cause his mom was in an accident so then we changed into our white clothes so we could do it but then the bishop came back.So the bishop ended up doing the baptism. Also people think that the bishop looks just like me, which I guess you can say is true but I don't really think so.
     Okay so that was fun but also at  Jorge Castro's house I taught this drunk guy which was kind of funny because he came in, saying I want to change I want to change and i'm like shoot he's drunk as all get out but then we got him to promise to come to church and you know miracles happen and he came to church yesterday and he is really good. He wants to change and I know were going to baptize him. It was funny cause he was crying saying my wife left me and I said well  if you do all the right things God will bless you with another wife and  he asked me do you believe that and I said I know it and were going to see when you come to church tomorrow.The whole time he was bear hugging me and I was like woah calm down sir your killing me. 
     Anyway the rest of the week we really didn't do much,oh we slept in an hour and i'm 100%  sure our president is going to kill us lol. It was funny cause I woke up like hey what time is it? Then it was 7:30 then I was screaming get up, punching my companion to get up and throwing stuff at him and my goodness I don't know how we slept through 2 alarms. 
     Oh so my birthday is the second photo of Elia and Jesus who invited us to pazole, its like a red soup which is spicy but soooo darn good then she gave me a negrito which is like a small donut with black filling in the middle and she put a candle in it jajaja then she gave me a present, it was  my only present . It was like those things which is like a stick and it has a piece of wood tied to the stick and it has a hole so you can put it on there and it's a game I was laughing so hard. It just reminded me of family guy. Maybe Tyler or Brandon know what i'm referring to. It was funny. Then we went to eat some terrible food. Then we went to the Hermana Andrea and she just gave me some cake like a piece  and I took it home. So my birthday in Mexico was pretty good and no I didn't receive your package but maybe I will get it on Tuesday and if not well in the future sometime.
     Oh and by the way my companion was sick again jajaja he was throwing up but we ate the same thing, I think it was the food one of the sisters gave us. It was chicken but it had like cat hair in the food and I think it was dirty so I was giving him a blessing and I said let all the bad stuff be thrown out or removed out of your body and at that moment he started throwing up into a bucket. So the priesthood blessings are real. I have felt a little sick but oh well. 
     Oh so conference please send it to me on CD if you want or just send me the links to the files I dunno but I don't really want the talks like in paper but I want to hear them in ENGLISH so however you want to get them to me and when you order that you can also send me the hymns on CD's with  from the Deseret book store you know it's just nice to have new music. If google doesn't allow the program well never mind i'm out of ideas lol.
     And yes Mom i'm writing in my journal I really don't understand why people don't write in their journal everyday it really is a good way to remember stuff. All I see here is gears of war judgment and bioshock infinitive but oh well I know Brandon and Tyler or Jen or Juan are going to keep a copy for me ¿no?
     So dad will make tri- tip for the missionaries, I hope that he will make that for me when I come home and give me some. Wow that  person who was confirmed that  is great that she felt the spirit and that she can hold that as her testimony and I hope she holds that to keep going strong.
Anyhow well that's good that Ivonne is going thru the temple and tell her I can't make it because i'm a little far but tell her I wish her all the luck in the world. 
     Oh the photo with Mom and Jen and Pepe it's like i'm there for my birthday. Also I had my shoes from missionary mall repaired for like $13 bucks but I did not take a photo so maybe you can talk to them because they were breaking the same way as the other photo that I sent you for the other ones but I had them repaired and well there different now but yah just call them and tell them they were broken like the other photo I sent you and that I had them repaired and see if they will repair them and remeber the slip ons, well yeah I just left them at the other house in lerma as there to big so maybe you can ask them if they will replace them because I couldn't wear them because they would destroy my feet so ask for replacement for 2 the ones I have and the slip ones but explain the situations.
     Oh and Katie yes I listened to conference but I like to listen to it in English to understand it more and hey there's some sister who lives here and is from Germany and she knows German, Spanish and English but you can totally hear her accent from Germany and she's really white like me. 
     Okay so send me conference in my email (you can ask Brandon or Tyler how to do that) or send it from Desert if you want. Oh and please send me 2 recipes this is for next week so send me the recipe for dutch oven potatoes and meat loaf, oh my goodness I really want to make dutch oven potatoes.Just send those to me next week. 
My photos the first one is of the baptism then the second is of Elia and Jesus( we are going to baptize Jesus the next week) then the last is of Andrea and my piece of cake. 
I love u guys and I hope that you guys know that and i'm fine here serving the Lord. I love all of you guys and pray for all of you guys
Les Amo( tyler yah como yo voy a poner (os amo que feo)
Elder Cooper

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