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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

9 Months Already...

Hey Everyone,
     I have 9 months yeahahahahahha. Well I just got the Easter package but I dunno I probably won't get my birthday package till after my birthday but oh well what can I do.
So this week we didn't have a baptism booooooooooo but we did confirm the 2 baptisms from last week and what happened this week, well I can't remember really but it wasn't to exciting.Yesterday we were trying to find people to baptize and we almost had some old guy but we were like lets go lets go and then he stood up and was like nah next week and you can just imagine that my mouth was open like oh noooo. I really can't think of what to say but thank you for all the birthday wishes and I know we will baptize someone that day. 
     Also I was trying to send a video but I can't because the size is to big but oh well.So the house we live in just needs gas and that's all we need and then we are going to call one of the members to come out and hook up our line. So we have just been dropping the iron in water but don't worry i'm fine Mom don't be freaking out or anything.
     What else can I say well the food hasn't been killing me and I almost had rabbit today but I dodged that because we are fasting,you know i'm good like that.I have been eating a lot of donuts from 7-11 lol and what was the weirdest thing oh they're called bondigas and there like meatballs but inside there's just an egg, it's like a hard boiled egg and I hate them and it's just like the 2 things and there just sitting in salsa and there are always really spicy as all get out and i'm always dying. 
     Well what can I say about Mexico that's interesting right now. Well I have learned that the people don't really care about the doors and that a lot of times that you can just walk in and do what you want but it's kind of double sided like if you walk in and your not suppose to be there, they will call the cops or kill you or something but if your friends it's like who cares. Not that I have a story to tell about that but just saying it's funny. Also Mexico is ready for zombies because everything is built like you enter a gate and then you walk and then there's the house and there are bars on the windows and they have like heavy set doors and just ways you can never enter if you didn't have the keys. So I think i'm gonna buy a house in Mexico if there's ever zombies jajaja.
     Also well yes it's my birthday on domingo and we will see if any of the sisters here give me anything but I think one sister is going to give us food and maybe a cake but the rest who knows.
Oh well these next 2 photos I bet dad will love because we meet George Castro and he's like been on TV cause he hangs from hooks in his skin and stuff I mean here is one photo and just look him up and he's a member and he's really nice and we ate dinner with him.
     Yeah so we have been working these days and I can't really remember anything from this week but we have been looking for more people and I cant really remember any funny stories but oh well.
Umm what else oh yes general conference was great wasn't it but I really like it a lot better in English so i'm gonna ask something a little bit hard please send me the links for the mp3 directly to my email or upload them to mediafire so I can download them and then listen to them. Brandon I know you understand so just send me the links directly like
Okay well conference was great but Spanish just kind of kills it and i'm sure everyone understood at least one thing from conference and Mom they did play your favorite song come come ye saints ( I hope i'm right) and what else well nothing much.
     Wow i feel like my letters are getting so short must be the mission jajaja  You guys know that i'm glad you went to a baptism and were watching some co workers being baptized.Oh yeah about school what I want to do is study computer science and a little of 3d modeling but I really just want to get into a school and start studying so whatever school I can get into well that's fine.
      Yes it's my 21 birthday this sunday but don't be sad because i'm out here serving my mission and it's not like i'm not doing anything, i'm missing you guys for a reason and well we can celebrate it when I get back in vegas.
    Well Pepe's always been a little sketchy so just be on the watch out but maybe he was just draining the toxins of a snake that had bitten Grandma( it's a joke) but tell Grandma I hope she isn't afraid of dogs and can forgive Pepe. 
     What else okay this is gonna be a little hard but Brandon or Tyler please send me a portable video converter so I can convert video and send it to you guys but just send directly to my email the .exe. and you know what I mean.
     Well yes I got the Easter package and I have eaten a lot of the things in it and they were really good i'm not gonna lie.I loved the candy. Also I got the CD's of conference wow they come fast from Deseret so you can send me all you want from there if you want Deseret like CD's or books hint cough cough lol like DHL gets here fast I guess. 
     Please send me the link for conference next week so I can download them and then put them on disc or send them from Deseret but fast not like this time I mean I ove the discs but it took a little long.
     Well i'm just gonna wrap this letter up by saying I hope everyone listened to general conference this weekend and took what they needed from it. 
Oh and I recived like 20 letters all the way back from when dad was home from work and some with some stamps. Also i'm glad Jen went to the temple because that is the best place to be no?
I also want to say i'm so thankful for all you guys have done for me and keep on doing for me as always cause you guys are the best.
jaja your all probably like where's his letter well here it is.
Les Amo, 
Elder Cooper

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