Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter

Hey Everyone,
     So yep Easter passed and I can tell you on domingo we did absolutely nada for Easter. What we did for Christ was baptize 2 people jajajaja( where do you think I live Jen i'm in Mexico) but yes I will say first we baptized Fanny, she is the daughter of the lady that we baptized last week. Oh yeah and that baptism was really great and the other his name is aldihier ( I dunno how to spell it ) and he was a little difficult to work with, well he kept using excuses and stuff like that.He was like no i'm leaving and then we made him stay the whole 3 hours jajaja and he was kept saying no i'm out of here and it's better if do it on Tuesday when no one is here and I have my clothes. I was like don't worry throw these on, I have a towel and then the water was soooo cold but in the end yeah he was baptized which was the good part.  So yeah 2 baptisms and I know you guys say it seems like we have a lot of baptisms but that's just because that's what the Lord wants.
      Okay yes we found housing and it's not to bad it's like 2 rooms, a tiny kitchen and a bathroom  and right now there isn't any water in the house till Wednesday, I don't know why but whatever we are still working till then.It's nice but it's 2,500 pesos and it doesn't have any curtains so anybody can see in, and I mean who wouldn't want to see in on the Elders. , its a joke.
     Oh yeah well I have been working and it's been pretty fun this week.  Jen I will get well technically got 2 packages but I will get them tomorrow. I did get like 6 letters one had some stamps so thank you.
So here the Easter is called like the holy week where they celebrate when Christ was on the cruz. So there are like a bunch of people in the street following a car with a virgin or Christ or someone in the street being whipped like Christ was, it really is just like the great week of a apostasy is what they should call it here.
Okay we also had a conference with president it was really good I have to admit it and yes Jen the metro is like the subway and it's really quick.
     Okay Jen thank you for the new info about the dbz movie and if you want to buy it and then keep it and all the other good movies which I know you have been doing right????????? that's okay ! Also thank you for the money because I had to buy some stuff today for my hair. Issac looks really good but I dunno the photo is really small.
      Well i'm gonna end this letter even though it's super short oh my first photo is of the baptism and the second is of the other baptism. OHHHH ALMOST FORGOT HAPPY BIRTHDAY GRANDMA SIMS AND TYLER hope it's a good fools day .I love the photos you guys sent me. I do miss the beach,  just a little and Eric with the onion looks really good. 
 Ohh and the ward is awesome I mean there really nice just like a normal ward and well it's fine living here, its just normal where ever live you know. Well i'm gonna wrap up my letter because well it's 6 and were gonna die if we keep on writing and we gotta start working so know that I love you guys and I will get mail tomorrow so don't worry it's like a late Easter.
Les Amo, 
Elder Cooper

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