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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom

Hey Everyone,
     First of all HAPPPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYY BIRTHDAY MOM (a little late but it's okay right) okay well it's my weekly letter and i'll just go into what happened this week. To start with we had a baptism and her name is Andrea and she is really nice and she is like I dunno a real person. At first she didn't want to do much with us but then my companion and I were really nice with her and she was really emotional and when we said think of when your leaving the water after your baptized and she said okay.
      We have also been working with this guy whose in a wheel chair who is a little racist but he says brother like every other word but in English because he lived in Monteray. He said there's only 2 things I hate in this life racism and a certain race of people.  I was like WHHHHHHHHHATTTTT are you for real like I hope you guys can see how redonk that is but he was baptized so it's okay. We have also been searching for a lot of people but just haven't been able to find anyone to teach.
     Also I have learned i'm still out of gosh darn shape cause I can't run for anything. I can run like a couple of blocks and then i'm dead and i'm like nooooooooooo but i'm gonna try to work out more to defeat this.Yeah we have been working hard but we need to move from our house because the house we live in is like if we lived in grandpa's house and then upstairs there's the elders, so were looking for a house and it has to be 2500 pesos and were looking but it's really expensive here. So yeah the cheapist was 2900 and that's to expensive. We have till Wednesday to find a new house because our contract is up and she is going to kick us out. 
     Well the De Effe or Distrito Federal is the real name is the name of Mexico City and outside of that is the states like the state of Mexico which I was in or Hidalgo which is more north but just look more on a map, you guys will understand because the De Effe is just straight packed city and well the others are different states like in America no.
     Okay well I hope you guys understand that but yes it's like living in downtown cause we take metro a lot.So I hear you guys were on vacay oh fun you guys must have done so much lol.Yes easter is coming up and my birthday but don't worry it will be alright.
     So Jen went to the temple again yeah you know it's the best like always.
Charlie and Pepe got there licenses well that's good now we don't need to worry about that.
Yeah I still haven't gotten any letters but don't worry i'm gonna check pouch tomorrow and if I don't have anything well that's a long time with out pouch mail. Oh and Kelsey got engaged woah people watch out .So felcidades Kelsey.
     Well Easter is close and yeah what do they call it here oh passover and i'm pretty sure they don't have egg hunts but they celebrate Jesus and there not sure why either but just remember the real reason behind the holidays because truthfully I just want some candy but it's nice to see that these holidays are based around Jesus and everyone celebrates them even if you change the name but it's still based around Christ and how great is that because that's how it should be no?
     Well I dunno I feel like my letters are getting shorter and shorter but I hope you know that I love all of you guys oh and Mom my companion wants me to ask if you can send me me that photo book of Jesus that just has all the art in it. Also he gave me some cool things which are like stickers you put in the scriptures maybe you could send me those because there from desert book Iwould guess but there like pictures of what happened or you know but I like them I think their cool. 
     Well I dunno the De Effe is different the people are more mean I guess but then there like more ummmmmmmmmm nicer people once you get to know them it's like being in LA really. There are taxi's everywhere and people don't really like white people well some cause there gangsters but oh well were fine.
     I'm gonna end this letter because I don't have to much more to add but I will say I love you guys and here is my photo so the first one is of me with a statue of a nefita jajaj a mayan or something but it's cool. Then the second is of course the baptism and then the last is of my and my companion sitting like by the metro waiting for other elders so yeah there's my great photos of the week and I hope you love them. 
     So I will say I love you guys and am thankful for everything and that one day i'll recive something in our terrible mail but don't worry about it.
Well I love you guys and ypu know it. 
Les Amo, 
Elder Cooper

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