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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Hey Everyone,
     Okay well it's been another week and well what happened this week? Well first of all we didn't have a baptism, what a bummer but oh well, we will keep on working. Well last week we just kept on looking for people and we found people who wanted to be baptized,  but they didn't end up getting baptized, so oh well.
     I'm in a different area. I'm now in Camaronies (it means shrimp) with Elder Ramirez, he has 5 months which is less than me. He is from Mexico but lived somewhere else or some country, I think, that is one above Brazil, but yeah that's good. Now I'm completely in the Destrito Fereral.  I've never been in it so we will see, but everyone seems really pumped to work and baptize so that seems good. What else to say? I  mean it was just a pain to pack up my bags and leave because I have 3 bags and they were heavy when I was leaving, but oh well.
     Well I'm here in the de effe so it will probably be a crazy change because that's how it is here. 
Not much has really happened in this week but I was just saying bye to the Lerma ward and they were sad, I had 4 months there but I'll see them soon  and then I received 4 ties from the members there lol.
Then I left and I got a lot of their addresses so I can add them on Facebook. Anyway, so yeah I have moved from the cool area of Lerma in the State of Mexico, to the crazy Distrito Federal. 
     So pouch doesn't come in the last week of the changes so the only thing I got was a package from Grandma Sims which was for my Birthday but i'm not too sure if I was allowed to open it or not ................... but I opened it and well thank you Grandma Sims for the early birthday present. The other letters I haven't gotten anything but I might get them the next week so we will see.
     Umm St Patrick's day yeah I think they celebrate the Saint  but yeah they don't wear green and such  but the Irish probably aren't as liked here. Okay yeah I feel like I don't really have a lot to say which I don't but oh well. Also I think we might be leaving our house, I walked in and the people live down stairs like that's their house and then there are people that live really close to us but I guess we will see. Okay well I'm just gonna continue working hard.
       Also i'm going to attach 3 photos, so the first is of the zone and well yeah it's funny no? And the second well it's just funny and I'll leave u guys to it, and the 3rd is of a family that I baptized her husband and took a photo with.
     I'm glad Regan will be leaving on his mission and yeah things just aren't the same with out me will claro (jajajaja) and then yeah that's good but it just means ur mission is just harder to learn Spanish cause everyone speaks English. I feel like this letter is really short but it's all I got and then well yah. Oh and the family always receives blessings when a missionary is serving. I mean just look at our family! Well one day I will get those letters and packages but I want you guys to know that I love all of you and am thankful and no Mom I'm fine and I just took the money out so I would have the money for changes but no I'm fine. What else can I say because I'm just trying to fill up space lol. Well I'm really thankful for everything and I know this is a short letter but I love you guys and know that you guys are awesome and are always supporting me even in my faults like in my letters so I love you guys.
Ummmmm well, don't worry too much about me. Oh and people are actually mad that they changed the high school to the MTC but it's just like yeah and well I don't know what to say really so I'm just gonna end my letter but it seems so short. Well I love all of you guys and am thankful for all the things that you have given me.

Les Amo, 

Elder Cooper

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