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Monday, March 11, 2013

8 Months Already...

Hey Everyone,

      Okay well guess what? We had another baptism this week yahahahaha. His name is Miguel and we were working with him for about 3 weeks because his wife is a member in fact every one in the photo is a member, and his wife has been a member since birth but they just needed to get married so that's always hard, but they got married Saturday and then he got baptized yesterday so ¡¡¡¡¡¡¡yeahhhahah!!!!!! So yeah this week has been really funny because people have just been coming up to us like, " hey your the Mormons right?" Like what do you expect us to say, well yeah and were gonna baptize you. It's funny, we had some guy in his car just stop and was like ¿ummm are you guys conquistadors? Man I was about to bust up laughing, but we are still trying to find him because he was interested and wanted to learn more. Also we were lost and just knocking doors for directions and this guy came out and just said, "hey you're the Elders from the Mormons," we were like yeah and he just started saying scriptures like from the Pearl of Great Price and the Book of Mormon and the Bible and I was like, woe woe woe calm down, have you been baptized? He said no and well we now have a baptism date for him this Sunday and also we taught him while sitting on swings like at a playground, how funny is that? jajajaja. It's just a funny lesson cause we were on swings trying to be like take a baptism and we're swinging on swings. Also this week we had to give  a blessing in a van, it was a little weird that is something weird you only do on your mission.
      Okay well that was pretty much my week. Oh yeah we also revisited some of my investigators from like a month ago and they let us in, and then they came to church yesterday and well we are gonna baptize them all this Sunday.So yeah that was my magical week.
     Well let's see wow Grandma and Grandpa gave a talk and someone talked about me, well thank you cause it's always good when you have someone in the family on a mission. I'm 100 % sure that their talks were really good . Well i'm glad you guys could talk with Coach Hatori and Coach Smilowitz, well I have to admit I was kind of stupid before my mission so who knows, and yeah football was a little hard so I probably had a grumpy face on all the time. I'm just glad to be here and  I'm 100 % sure that I'm leaving this area on Monday. We have changes on Monday and I have been here 3 changes in this same area and our President doesn't like to have people in the same area for so long so yeah, we will see. There is also a Fedex ramp here in my area it is like the ramp of Mexico-Toluca because I would always see the planes when we would pass that area so it's just a little funny.
Jen the coin is old lol there's a pun there if you catch it. Yeah it's from 1986 but it's just old and no one has it that's why I like it because it's like old money that they don't use. We haven't changed time yet because that happens in April , or so I was told. Also yes that's my companion but no I'm older than him , it's probably just cause he's going a little bald. How dare you guys go to Mimi's when you know I can't taste that delicious hot chocolate right now. Thank you for all the photos, and also Jen yes, the \Temple is the best and it's so beautiful. Also thanks for the patriarchal blessing of Great Great Grandma.
     Well I'm gonna wrap up my letter. Well onto my photos one is of a baptism, and then the other is of me (jajaja) in front of my conversa panchita which her whole yard has burnt down or something and was still smoking. She is also a horder (not sure if that is what caused the fire). Well I hope you enjoy my letter cause I enjoy all the letters from you guys and no I haven't received any letters but oh well, I will get one some day .Well I love you guys and tengan la fe y dios bedice sus vidas claro
les amo muchisisisisismo
(Have faith and of course God blesses your lives, I love you a bunch)
Elder Cooper

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