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Monday, March 4, 2013

Were on fire...

Hey Everyone,
     Wow well another week has passed by and well i'll just start by tell you what happened in my week. Well we had another baptism, it was this 9 year old boy who hadn't had his baptism yet, it was funny cause we were really pushing for Sunday but the Dad couldn't do Sunday so then we settled for Monday. We took an hour bus ride to the church and I was sitting by the boy, well his name is Thomas, he's the smallest one in the photo and the other one is Memo  who is a member. So were sitting on the bus and it was suppppper awkward and I was just like well, do you like Dragon Ball Z? jaja and then I think it really helped him relax, he was really nervous about his baptism. Then after that there was the whole week we have just been searching for people and we found this guy named Hilario(remember h's are silent in Spanish) but we were all excited like oh were gonna baptize this guy and he was excited to but then he told us well i'm not divorced, I was like NOOOOOOOOOOOOO.  Then it was awesome because we are going to baptize his daughter this Sunday. Well this Sunday that passed , his wife invited her friend to come to the church and see how it was and what it was like and she came with her 3 niños, I was like jumping up in the air like yeahhhhh a millagro. So we are going to find her and work with this family.Not much really happened during the rest of the week. Oh yeah we took a motorcyle-taxi jaja I felt like I was in India and it was me and my companion in this small taxi. It was really funny. What else happened? I truly can't think.. Oh we had interviews with president and well that was good like always. He only has till July so that's kinda weird. 
     Oh so you guys got my SD card. The necklace I bought was from  a gypsy for like 20 pesos who said, she had lived in Germany for some time but only spoke Spanish.Who knows about that but I love that necklace and the keychain one is from the zoo that we went to lol. I hope everyone enjoyed my photos as they are really good huh? I hope you watched the videos of me right before I gave the family the SD card.
     Well anyway i'm getting a  tax refund WOOOO HOOOO oh wait i'm not getting any of that money what the? No i'm just kidding I don't need extra money right now, just save it for after my mission for my laptop and cellphone ;) lol ! It's a joke. Anyway i'm glad you guys went to Palm Springs seems like a really hot fun time.
     Sorry Brandon I couldn't go but maybe in 1 year and 4 months i'll go with you. Yeah that's pretty funny with Marc, always snow bording huh? Yeah Katie I think thats true because i'm almost half way and I dunno it's not to importante but it's just nice to see but yeah it's true.Also Jen I dunno I haven't had a chance to check the mail but who knows, I haven't gotten mail and I dunno if I will get mail this change because we have 2 more weeks of this change but no I havent gotten anything but there could be a problem in the offices or something but I dunno your mail will get here as a bunch and then I will be like yahhahhahaha. Wow Jen  i'm glad your going to the temple it really is the best place you can be in this world. Well I dunno what else to say really. Sorry Jen I couldn't pay for your car ( I dont drive it anymore but thank you) and well I dunno what else to say if I missed something.

Yeah I saw posters for that James Bond that came out,dad go watch it because we all know you love James Bond. Ummm what else oh my photos,well the first is of a baptism and then the second is of a field that had just burnt the other day and people here don't care they walk throught it and then the last is of attariusqullo( its not right in spelling) but if you look into the mountains thats our area too and its called xochi and man our area is just huge lol( well I can't put that photo oh well). Oh also put a photo of a peso I found it's from 1986 and I just found it in the dirt and it's real, I mean it was just sitting there in the dirt next to the freeway but I think it's cool. yes it's real thank you all you doubters.Well i'm gonna end this by saying I know that God always gives us the blessings that we need but we don't always see them because they aren't the blessing that we want, but God gives us blessings when we do the things of the gospel.See Doctrine and Covenants  67 1-3, I  love these scriptures because they really do apply to our faith.
I love everyone.
les amo,
Elder Cooper

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