Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Another Week

Hey Everyone,
     So hey how is everyone? Yeah i'll just go into my week , so my companion is Elder Erickson and I dunno he is really obedient but it's just like wow, jaja. So what happened first we were looking for people and we contacted this elderly woman and I was like man let's go but she let us in because we said we would bless their house but then we entered their house and there was 6 people there so we are still working with them but a little later  this elderly lady was so funny, like totally rejected us like no I can't let you in I have my chicken and my pigs so it's dirty and you can't come in. Then a little latter she like waved us down and was like sorry I didn't receive you guys but come in and she was dirt poor, but she was like i'm sorry and gave us some soda and we taught her but she didn't accept anything really i think she was a little slow but it just shows you some people in Mexico are nice.
      Then I found this contractor who is working at the bishops house who was yelling at me. He was like hey I told you guys to come over and your little friend wrote it down but nobody came over. I was like well it wasn't me but he's been to church before so were gonna have to marry him and his girlfriend and then baptize him but still it was pretty funny.
      The last is this members husband, I totally thought he was a member but then he's like no were not married,  I was like whyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy  because I mean really like everyone in the USA they just get married, here it's like yeah we live together we're married but yeah so were working with him but I don't think he wants to get married but his wife is really nice , she even gave us a ride into the mountains in our area so that we could teach her father in law and it was really far. I mean she's loosing out on a bunch of blessings, like the temple.Well were gonna continue working with them.So we need to get  2 people married.
 Ohhhh yeah well we have a baptism at 5  we are baptizing a child whose 12 years old and was a referred to one of the other elders in our district so yeah thanks buddy.We spent like 3 hours trying to find this house and it was just one more street down and I was really frustrated at his mom because shes like no we have to wait till tomorrow and was like just have it today, do you not understand these blessings??  Okay so I believe you guys are good, yep i'm still in Lerma can you beilve that wow and then well I dunno really. jaja yesturday I heard a Snoop Dogg song how funny.
     Oh yeah Elder Christensen I believe he is our AP but I never met him but my companion from the MTC did. Mom and Dad that's awesome that you guys could remember your marrage day, it does sound like a pretty funny and a glorious day. I'm gonna print Great Grandma's patriarchal blessing right now. I dunno what happened with my stuff that family was going to give you guys, that family said they would send it for me so maybe they forgot or maybe they sent it and it's still in the mail I dunno don't ask me...Well we just went to Walmart i'm sure you can see that on my bank card.
     Brandon why aren't you playing video games?  You have failed me good sir, no I did not know about these movies and I do want to see them when I come back. Haha those pictures are funny yeah it did cut off Marc...
     Well Jen I dunno you know like anything goes down here in Mexico so it is probably  his name.
So my photos, the 2 are of just a great view  and me lol yahahahhaha. Yeah ohh I forgot to say this my companion was getting out of the taxi and he dropped his milk carton and he lost like a 4th of his milk it was so funnny JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJ I dont think you guys know just picture my face as you read this.
     Well i'm glad everything is fine and everyone is doing fine and the little perditititios are good so i'm gonna wrap up my letter and just say thanks for everything and for the pictures  ( I have yet to see peeps here and I doubt they exist, maybe there's a Mexican knockoff I mean who knows) but thank you because I love them.
     Well thank you guys for everything y tambien les amo muchismo , muchismo gracias por todo, toda via estoy en mexico pero no importa por que se este es mas importante de todo.
Thank you and i'm gonna go back to our house and make mac and cheese ( never thought I would say that but I like it now). My first area is going to be part of a different mission( no puede hacer) . Oh and Jen no I didn't receive anything last week but maybe it was just a bad week cause the mail is so freaakkkkking slow here. So don't worry about that but know that I love you guys and i'm thankful for everything.
les amo,
 Elder Cooper.

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