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Monday, February 18, 2013

Happy President Day

Hey Everyone,
     Okay so this week we just worked  and yeah we didn't have any baptisms but oh well so we worked hard and kept on working. Also it's funny my companion or former companion is from Peru and is from the amazon like 1 km from it and has all these funky names for fish like a buworky de chillicano , con su chui chui jajajaja but it's just funny cause they talk completely different in that part of Peru.
      Well yeah so this week is the week of changes and this change is 4 weeks and who knows why but I stayed in Lerma another change (yeahhhhhh well kinda) and i'm now with Elder Erikson and he's from Utah.We don't have much time left in our p-day but not much happened this week. We were searching for a taxist named Fransico who has a taxi and we were just knocking doors looking for this guy and we found some people who are really interested in the church and wanted to know more but only by searching for Fransico did we find more people. I dunno it was just kinda funny. Ohhhh yeah.    
     So this family or the sister of this hermana in the ward was here and she lives in Utah but said she would pass by Santa Ana and that I could send something small if I wanted. So I sent a letter and an SD card so I hope it gets there, if they call you Mom and you can't understand much just remember to talk with them because they have stuff from me and are trying to give it to YOU GUYS. I put your number on my stuff which they can call if they have any problems.I was like wow thank you because the SD card has all my photos from my mission so save them and you can only view them from a computer and it's got some funny videos on there. I was like wowowowow thank you so much for sending this it also has a scorpion necklace thing and a ghetto necklace thing from Mexico.
      Booo helping Sunny Hills booo because everyone knows Fullerton is where it's at. I did not know Diana played the sax that's cool. Mom I dunno what you mean I look like a scientist i'm just wearing nice clothes lol get the joke( I think your saying I look smart) yeah loosing weight always helps with everything.
      So this week sounds like nothing happened i'm glad that everyone was fine and that Dad could go back to work, so I still haven't paid the dentist because I dunno if i'm supposed to or not but i'm sure my president will know. Ummm also jaja i'm glad you could show my photos to the people at NZJ , wow still can't believe the same people still work there, that's pretty funny and no one sends me letters from there.
     Yeah I never heard of the other son of grandpa so I believe it was a secret or something but oh well. Also yes I read the patriarchal blessing and wow it's a powerful blessing I must say. I really want to know if he was ever in a war or not and the other things that he did because it sounds like he did some amazing things and from what I remember hearing from it, it seems correct also about his dreams and how his life was always in danger.
      Wow so no I didn't receive any letters but that's okay because maybe I will on Wednesday but yeah i'm with a new companion so that's good. Yeah i'm in Lerma still and I love the area but I just don't know who were going to search for cause we don't have anyone but i'm in this area for a reason so yeah we will do our best .
      So I dunno what else to say really. Just remember to always read your scriptures, right now i'm reading them and i'm loving them, it's weird it's like just so fascinating right now lol to read in spanish but yeah what else to say well first I sent a picture of a little someones name and I dunno who that could be wink wink. Then the second is of a photo with the stake president which they are awesome and are the ones sending my stuff. The last is of a family,  in our ward but that family washes our clothes and there the best family ever I have to admit.The other is with Elder Aspajo with some kid but I don't think you guys ever saw a photo of him so yeah here it is.
      well i'm gonna wrap up my letter by saying thanks for everything and i'm going to continue working hard and try to find those baptisms for the Lord and do everything I can because nothing is impossible for the Lord.What's up with Eric and the little perditos( pups) well yeah this change will go by fast because it's only 4 weeks who knows why but oh well and were going to continue working hard.
      I want everyone to know thank you for everything and I love everyone and I wish them the best and pray for everyone. I know everyone is praying for me because everyone prays for the missionaries but I never thought anything of that before but wow a lot of people pray for the missionaries a lot but anyway I love everyone a lot.
les amo muchismo ,
Elder Cooper

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