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Monday, February 11, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day

Hey Everyone,

     So this week we had the 2  baptisms yeayahahahah yeah so we baptized them at 9 A.M. and then confirmed them at like 10 A.M. but we never do that because usually the bishop doesn't like that but he was like no if it's okay with you guys and you only need my permission then hagalo (do it), I was like yeahahah so we baptized them, well my companion did but it was just a great moment then we confirmed them.
      Yeah so this week I also had my last appointment with the dentist. Yes I must say we always receive blessings for obeying the laws of God. All of them, even when it may seem difficult.Like saying well i'm just not gonna pay my tithing or go to church but we do them because well we want to and hopefully we will receive blessings and if we don't well oh well right and your all like heck nahh but if were not blessed it's just not how we see it. Anyways i'm extremely grateful for all my blessings.Also this week I dunno what else happened well we were just searching for people this week so not to much just a lot of walking and man my feet hurt.
      Today we also went to a Zoo it was really fun. We saw bears and lions and apes and stuff but it did seem kind of dangerous but at least it was really fun to go and see all the animals.
     So Dad goes back to work well that's really good.Yes Brandon i've seen the JDY and it's pretty ghetto but where do you think you are Mexico? Nope, so you're fine.
Also yeah change your linux just need pure linux , ubuntu was going terrible anyway. Oh yeah Mom I saw my plaque last week and I love it. It is the correct scripture which I hope you guys like it, it's not only for missionary work. It does look hermosa I must say. Thank you for helping get that up.
      YEAH I never new dad had a half brother, you guys NEVER told me that . I never remember hearing stories of Dad's half brother or anything like that. I would like to because it's part of our family. Oh Jen i'm glad you loved that photo jajaja. It is funny huh it's got your name in it. Yeah so I hope you like it. I dunno it's got 2 dogs but more important its got your name. I knew you would love it .
Oh Jen I dunno what kind of brand of apple soda that is but maybe it was flat you know what you should do, go to the Northgate market and buy stuff and that's how you can have stuff that's well almost the same as what I have. Yeah it shouldn't taste flat, it should taste like soda. Also Jen thank you for the photos I love them and thank you for the patriarchal blessing of great grandpa  and  I am going to print it out and read it later. Thank you very much and the last picture is with elder chuccos not my companion but we are at the Zoo with cotton candy. I do look handsome I must say.
well i'm going to wrap up my letter and say how grateful I am for all that you guys have done for me ( just this week) and oh I received the dear elder package from Brent y Lisa. Thank you very much. Also I received a letter from Grandma Cooper well 2 and one was her Christmas letter. Wow I had my own little section Thank You very much Grandma, and Thank you for mentioning me.
Also with the Hermanas over for food. Wow I must say the families that have missionaries out are the best families because they understand the most so i'm sure you guys were really fun for them.
Well i'm going to end my letter by saying thank you for all that you guys have done and i'm so grateful for it. I don't think this black and white text on the screen can say how much I really am thankful for. It's impossible. OH I also wanted to ask dad well if he wants to send me his conversion story(why he joined the church, took his baptism, what he felt) , he can send me a separate email or a letter or whatever he wants or if he doesn't want to that's fine too.
      Well that's it i'm gonna end my letter so that's it just that i'm really thankful for everything and next Monday I will probably be in a different area with a different companion because we have changes next Monday so who knows where I might  or  might not go but Thank you and I love all of you.
les amo muchismo,
 elder cooper
okay aqui esta mi fotos jaja well here's my photos well one is of the people we baptized,and they are right from Cuba and the other is just of a nice view in our area that I took.

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