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Monday, February 4, 2013

7 Months Already

Hey Everyone,

     Well another week! I will tell you how my week was. So this week we found a family, well they're from guess where? Cuba. So it's kinda weird cause the parents are members but the kids aren't so we're gonna baptize the kids. They have a crazy accent, it's like really soft and it's just crazy. Yeah they're from Cuba and the kids well the one is named Gaby, and the other Jaiver, and they are 11 and 13. They have been in Mexico 1 week, it's really weird because they knew nothing of the church or of Jesus. lol I asked them what an apostle was and they were like what? Huh? This is jajajaja. Never thought of it but they said they have churches in Cuba but they said 'really beautiful there.They said they have a lot of tourisimo but I dunno how that's possible? Cause Americans can't enter Cuba legally. So who knows? But we where talking about the sugar and the tobacco and such it's just funny, the first thing I thought of was the Seinfeld where Jerry got some Cubans. Jerry can you go and pick them up? And they turn out to be actual people! jajajajaj.
      Anyway the packages, I received one Dear Elder. I have no clue who it was from. It had  beef jerky in it, and cookies, and stockings. But didn't have a name. I think it was from Mom and Dad or you Jen, but well from whomever, thank you.  I dunno whose package that was but it's the only one I received this week. What else nothing really happened this week just searching for people but no one wants to hear it it or was  there.
      Wow so you ordered the patriarchal blessings of Grandma and Grandpa Sims wow I want to see those they have to be amazing just to think of that. Jen so you had that done to your foot ewwwwwwwwwwwwwww. jajaja. Not really but I'm glad your finally getting it taken care of and it's nothing really serious. It sounds like it's better. So you liked the photo with the Fedex truck, and no, I did that on purpose. I just wanted to see what you guys would say about it. I'm glad you liked it and I'm sure Mom and Dad showed it to everyone at work.
      Yeah so I got 7 months WOWOWOWO. Only 1 year and 5 months to go, pero ni modo, but it's not really to important for me because we have changes in 2 weeks so we will see, because maybe the next change I will be a trainer or a Señor who knows. The super bowl happened, that's weak cause I wanted to watch that! jajaja, false. Next week we're gonna have 2 baptisms so that's all good so it means I didn't blank with Elder Aspajo, which is terrible when that happens. I believe everyone is fine and doing good. right? well that's good.
      Well my photos so the first one is in the dust and if you look in the back there is a whitte walking that is really weird! jajaj so funny,  and then the other is some graffiti that says someone's name, and the other is of a black river named the Rio Lerma and is really terrible. It's like I live in Cherynoble sometimes it's like wow because you can just smell the radiation from this river. Whatever it's where the people live. It's black not clear, it's all black and you can't see anything in it.
      Yeah so that's my photos for this week I hope everyone likes them. So I dunno what else to say  and oh yeah the cookies- no I haven't had a chance but I wanted the recipe so I could make them at a members. Because we have an oven but it's broken, but we have the stove and a microwave. That's about all we got to cook and eat with. haha This family gave me a can of olives, haha, black, and I was like man I love them. They're like well take another for the road wow okay, yeah I love the members in Mexico they just give you stuff! Well I'm gonna end my letter. Oh I got the card of Cali jajaja it's funny. I show it to people sometimes to show where I live and stuff.
     Oh Mom I got the package from Deseret Book and I love the photos of Jesus. I'm gonna use them for my planner because they're awesome. I'm just gonna sleep today so that's good and then I'm gonna get my crowns put in on Wednesday. Well I'm so glad to be here in Mexico working for the Lord, and I dunno if I can express more happiness then that. I know all of you guys are happy for that and can see that it's the best thing. Well my companion is gonna go get a hair cut. So remember I love all of you, and you're all in my prayers.I know that you are all doing fine and I know you all are doing great things.

Con Amor,

Elder Cooper

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