Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Monday, January 28, 2013

Hey Everyone,
     Okay so Mom or Jen can you can send me the recipe of how to make cookie because I always want to give it to members to try,  just the recipe for chocolate chip cookies. Thank you in advance. Okay yeah so this week not much happened.Oh yeah in Costco they don't check anything if you have the membership card  you can do anything so our leader had the card so we took it and bought stuff but they don't check so it doesn't matter.
      So this week not much happened well we have an investigator named Marvin  and it was really funny cause we passed by and were like well what you think and he's like I only have my truck so we taught him in his truck it was pretty funny i'm not gonna lie it was really funny. What else , well not much happened  this week. Yeah my companion is from Peru from like the jungles so man half of the stuff he has no clue what it is or how to do it. So it's like what and he also just eats rice so yeah oh well. Yeah also I received the Dear Elder package from Grandma Sims haha all of its peanut butter jajajaja( i'm in Mexico Jen what do you expect) after I just bought peanut butter but more candy and a jar of peanut butter I was like wow thank you. Also a tie which I love. Ummmmmmm yeah I hear I have a package but I dunno if that's true or not so whatever. So i've only received one package from Dear Elder. Okay so yeah nothing happened this week i've just been working and joking around.
Okay anyway wow Jen you got new glasses. I need new glasses and i'm ready jajajaja. Mom I got the total from the dentist its 30,900 pesos its like $2,300 bucks so yeah I hope that's not to bad but I still need to call Presidente and tell him. So yeah that's one thing i've really learned  is how thankful I am to have parents that can help me while i'm on my mission so i'm able to serve without pain and anything else.
      Wow I think that's great if Eric starts selling stuff on Ebay (if I return and my stuff is sold someone is going to die hint hint you Eric) yeah but not my stuff. Um what else well I dunno much else i'm about to go get a hair cut but yeah and I made that Oreo pie and i'm gonna go eat it yeah. Well I dunno what else to say i'm glad my plaque is getting ordered haha yeah that photo is funny of that guy and all of it well I dunno what else to say my letter is really short this week. I guess but yeah my photos so the first is with the Oreo pie and a soda which is Ameyal which is the flavor of apple-peach ahhhh it's the closest to apple cider it's so good the other is some bridge really small that I had to duck my head the whole time jajajaja it was funny. The 3rd is me just with a grumpy face and of some huge road that I wanted a picture of.
      Yep so that's about all I have for this week so i'm waiting for the recipe on how to bake cookies and yeah because I always want to say how the people can but never know so yes thank you. Well i'm gonna go write some letters cause we actually have the time and i'm gonna go make french fries and chicken nuggets man. I love Mexico jajaja
Anyway I love all of you and am so thankful for all that you guys do for me
Con Amor,
 Elder Cooper

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