Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Hey Everyone,
     Okay yeah wow so much has happened but first i'll focus on my week. So this week on Tuesday we got a call from our aps saying that we were having emergency transfers and my companion left and I stayed here in Lerma and now i'm with Elder Aspajo and he's from Peru. Well anyway i'm still in Lerma but most of the week we have just been looking for people.
      Yeah so we confirmed my baptism from last week.So she's a member now and I also had them write in my folder so I can add them in Facebook later. I dunno about my other companion oh well. Anyway yeah nothing else happened this week. Oh my shoes were 900 pesos so like $70 bucks and there the flexi kind of boots and they are brown because that's all they had but i'm changing them with my old ones so I can break them in and then get new ones .
      Okay what else so today we played soccer , I made a goal lol but I dunno I don't think i'm very good  but oh well it's fun to play. Then we went to Costco and all I  bought was a huge jar of peanut putter , it was only 100 pesos which is  like $7 bucks way cheap and it's big. Yumm and then I bought a pizza for me and my companion and he only ate 2 slices and left the rest for me. Yeah we were in Costco and it's exactly the same truthfully. What else, I dunno really oh on Wednesday i'm gonna return to the dentist so yeah that will be fun.
     Wow Reagan got his mission call and wow what a blessing and he's going to Florida Spanish speaking wow that stinks not leaving the country but also that will be the best blessing to serve in the US and Spanish speaking. Also I know some sister serving in Florida Spanish speaking  and I still get letters from her lol.
      What else yeah I  honestly was thinking about school and when I think about coming home at first I was like I want to rest and return to life but now i'm like I want to go to school and learn stuff and move on with life. So yeah go ahead with school.
      Well i'm glad to hear that dad is doing fine, I really am. I read the letter last week and I was really worried and I know what  you guys are thinking,why Dad was fine but yeah I don't know a lot but just to hear dad had surgery and then I dunno like 20 minutes later I returned to my p-day and returned to work for the lord.
      Okay well here are photos too because I know you guys love photos every week. So one is of my new boots and I know your all like why such an ugly color well they didn't have black in 12 and they had those in 12's and the the 2nd is of  Mexico it is  kind of ugly but  reminds me of the lord of the rings or something haha but yeah that's what my life is and its my perfect life. The 3rd is of a church yeah like from the year 1000 but I see these and just think what kind of secrets does this have and how many crazy things have happened in here, and the last is of ocoyacac it's a nice view huh. Yeah also one thing I wanted to say was how life is just life here like when I first got here it was like I was living at a hotel with my bags now i'm like what we gonna do, this is my Mexico who we gonna baptize.

      Also no I have not received mas anything this week. I did receive a letter from the Brignoni's thank you for the Christmas card even though i'm pretty sure only Kelly wrote on it.... lol but it's the thought that counts. Yeah that's it and yeah oh well. Well its 6 and were gonna return to work because we need to return to work and also this week i've been making so much mac and cheese never thought it was so good but now i'm like what is this cheesy goodness from God jajajaja.
     Yeah and also tonight or tomorrow i'm gonna make the Oreo thing so don't worry about that. Well i'm glad that my plaque has been ordered and such but maybe you guys want to put a new photo lol but yeah i'm glad because people can see that i'm out in the field dunno if there's anyone else in our ward that's a missionary but whatever yeah it's just one of those things so you guys can look at it every Sunday,Well i'm gonna end this letter so remember that all of you are special and are in my prayers every day and that I love you all and miss all of you.
Con Amor,
 Elder Cooper

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