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Monday, January 14, 2013

Another Baptism !

Hey Everyone,

     Wow the first thing I read is that dad had surgery. Wow well I have no clue what he had and why he had surgery but  it sounds like it was a hard week and it sounds like dad had surgery and was fine. I'm so happy that he's fine. Well mom when ever you need surgery it's a big deal.
Well i'll talk about this week and then return. So yeah i'm with Elder Riveros and we have just been working and this week was hard because I went to the dentist again and the dentist said 2 more appointments and yeah booooo. At least i'm almost done but this week well we had a baptism. YEEEAHHHHHHHHHHH !! Well she is a members daughter but was never baptized and I was like what when she was in church last week getting her baby blessed so we passed by and we invited her to be baptized and well we baptized her so yeah ummm her name is Monserat which means stars in some other language lol. I also invited the family to Krispy Kreme but I don't think they really liked it and we also confirmed the person that got baptized last week.
      Anyway that was pretty much the week, also I got the Christmas package with the 2 stockings and my scarf so yeah I love the scarf  Jen it's awesome, its been really cold here so I can really use it and Grandma and Cynthia thanks for the socks and kitchen things I love them and everything in the stocking I love honestly and  I gave my companion his lol. There was only 1 letter from Grandma and Cynthia in it. Also Jen my camera couldn't read the images but i'm renaming them right now so it can but my companions camera can so yes I love them and there all funny. Umm what else. ummm oh after this i'm going to go to a big mall and try to buy shoes so if you see a charge for $200 bucks or like $150 that's my shoes because I just bought medicine so that was $50 bucks because it was only one week and yeah were about to go there and i'm gonna look for new shoes. Also i'm gonna make that Oreo cheesecake thing you guys sent me today so yeah.
      Yeah dunno where the other packages are but i'm sure they will come. Anyway so I hope dad's doing okay it sounds like it was rough because I have no clue why he needed surgery but well at least he's got some nice relaxation time at home where everyone can help him recover. Yeah well i'm just happy to hear that dad had surgery and is doing fine and is in the house probably sleeping or watching tv.
      Oh yeah I got letters from dad and Jen  hahaha and dad yes I love all the ties and yes dad you got a deal so don't worry.Well what else really happened this sounds like the biggest thing and i'm glad dad is recovering from it. so thats really good.
      well Jen thank you for the pictures I love them and yeah I always love them. So I really don't know what else to say oh yeah the lady who does our laundry lost my towel and well she gave me a   nice one in it's place so yeah don't worry about that so all is good about that. so I still have one microfiber and one nice and warm towel.
      Well here are some pictures.One is of the baptism, and one of the family. The other is well of a great donut place and yeah Jen they have them here in the malls so yeah don't worry i'm still eating these good donuts here. Yeah so i'm thankful that people told me about dad's surgery and all went okay. I'm so greatful for that.
      Alrighty well i'm gonna end my email cause I feel like i'm just talking so yeah were gonna go to the gallerias it's so nice and probably eat at Mcdonald's and I'm gonna look for new shoes so thank you for having that much money on the card because I know i'm using alot of money right now. So thank you.Oh yeah there is a photo of me with the donuts and the scarf lol how funny hahahahaha.
anyway well I love everyone.Anyway well i'm gonna end this letter up by saying I love everyone and i'm so grateful dad is doing good and is recovering.
 Todo saben dios va a bedicir nuestro familia si siempre orar.
con amor elder cooper

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