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Friday, January 11, 2013

Happy New Year

 Hey Everyone,
Well sorry for last week, they said we only could email on the 1st so I was like sweet, coo,l and then nope! All the internet cafes were closed because it was the first. I was like, que tontoria? Anyway, it was really awesome to talk in skype. It just made me appreciate my mission more.  

I remember the family, tell them if he wants to serve a mission the Lord will do it on his time, and it will be the right time. Even if you keep on waiting, you need to remember your mission will be at the right time when the Lord needs you. It's a little hard, but tell that family to keep praying and meeting with the Bishop.

I have only received one package, and it was the one with all the 12 days of Christmas stuff in it.  Last week was fun. We had a baptism an older lady named Panchita. She was hilarious! I go to dunk her and she fights me and stands up aganst the wall. She is like, "No I'm scared, I'm scared"! So we reassured her. and I said the baptismal prayer and I just had to trip her! It was pretty gosh darn funny! Also didn't have my ropa so I had to wear some really tight other clothing. Also we had another baptism, a guy named Jose Luis. He and his son were baptized  we didnt think that he was gonna take a baptism.

My other campanion went home, as his mission ended. I got another campanion he's from Peru and his name is Elder Rivera and I knew him before. It seems like were gonna have a lot of fun! Also during Christmas we got togther and I was Santa haha. During New Years we watched Madagascar 3, and the Ultimate Gift, both really good movies. Guess what? Someone went to Cosco and bought ..............Martinellis! I was like no way! Anyway I have a New Elder but I'm still in Lerma and I love this area it's really special. Also New Years was awesome on the mission just cause I haven't seen a movie in so long, and then I dunno it was just fun.

Yah so one thought that was in my head when my campanion was giving his testimony was that he just finished his mission, and I just finished 6 months, and wow I'm so glad I have a year and a half still to work for the Lord and do whatever i can for this. Oh by the way, today I ate Burger King, ahhhh, it was soooooo goood and guess what? I had 2 Krispy Vream donuts! I was like ahahahaha like Homer Simpson. 

Anyway so Mom you got a new car? I remeber the Edge and I remeber Sync but that seems really awesome! I mean I'll see it in a year and a half! I hope everyone got good stuff for Christmas, cause I can't remember what everyone got!  Okay so the day of the 3 kings, or la dia de los 3 reyes is when on like the 30th you write a letter to the 3 kings saying what you want and then on the 6th the 3 kings come and bring presents. On that night you have a big fiesta and eat the rosca or some kind or bread, there's little white plastic boys in the bread and if you get one (theres like 4 in this giant bread). If you get one then on Feb 2 you need to invite everyone at this fiesta to tamales. haha. My companion got 2 and I was like wow that sucks but he was leaving. Yah so I really want to do it when I get home - another holiday.

Well what else to talk about? I'm sorry I haven't written any letters because I haven't had a chance to. On my pdays, I have been really crazy, so the next one I'm gonna try to write some letters and get them out. Sorry this letter is short, boooo. So Jen,  you and Katie went and saw Kristi's family ah how awesome. lol. 
I bought a memory stick thats 32 gigs because I want to put all my photos on it so if someone robs me in the street well only the photos on my sd card are gone, but the ones on my usb drive aren't.

Well my Mission President finally called, but wow I didn't know that, well you know I'm just really friendly because I dunno anyone here so no use being all stupid, just have fun and talk to everyone. I mean really I'm glad that he filled you in on my tootho. So yah I believe tomorow is my last appt and tomorow I can check for my packages.

Anyway so I sent some photos  I'm gonna wrap up this short letter and say I love everyone and hope that you are all doing fine. Thanks all for the packages, and love, and emails, and pictures. Thank you.

I love everyone!

con amor, 

Elder Cooper

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