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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry Christmas

Hello Everyone,
     Well  I didn't think I would be emailing today but it's okay. Mom don't worry about your email it's okay. Anyway this week we worked hard and we also had a junta hmmm a meeting with the President and he gave us some things relating to Christmas. The President gave us a small preach my gospel in Spanish I was like yeah and some banana bread. That was fun and we also played white Christmas.  All the Elders brought a gift or candy and the hermana read the story so left right and left,I got some candy but I gave a box of nerds haha and the daughter of the President got it and I couldn't decide if she liked it or not but ehh. lol no she liked it. Just funny playing that because we always play that for the after party.
     Yeah this week we had 1 person in church and then 1 member brought someone and she's of oro(gold) as she accepted baptism and everything for next week so we will see. We also had another well a reference from a member and it was funny he had the Book of Mormon on CD and was listing to them but I think we will baptize that family because when someone asked if he will go to mesa or the catlico church and he said no yo soy Mormon.( I am Mormon) haha.So I believe we will baptize them but there just not married, but it's not a problem and also they gave us pizza which was good with some ketchup and a ride back to our house which was awesome by the way.
     Well I hope I look skinny, yeah I dunno it doesn't really feel to much like Christmas back home but that's okay because today were gonna have a zone activity and were gonna watch Santa 1 and  the Disney movie Brave and have Costco pizza but one thing is I have to be Santa which well is whatever haha. So I have to buy a hat and a coat lol if I can find it . Jen I know what your thinking of ..Elf when he's like your not Santa, you smell like beef and cheese lol.
yeah so today will be fun and no I haven't received any packages so it really sucks cause I know I'm gonna get them like the 1st of the year or something but oh well.
     Yeah I dunno  but tell everyone at the party I wish them a Merry Christmas or just play the feliz navidad song hahah.Yeah i'm so glad I don't work at Fedex because peak sucks and oh well i'm in a different work and we work all year round haha.Yeah peak just sucks.
     Also yeah well you guys will laugh i'm wearing something someone gave me and I love it. Also yeah mom health is a big thing. I dunno its so hard to talk about in a email but its like it's super hard to get skinny but it's just so much better.
     Yeah so tomorrow i'm so excited to talk in Skype yeah ! It's just so nice to be like hey and then back to the lords work. You know what i'm talking about ? Well maybe Tyler and Katie do. haha I'm glad people are asking about me because yes me being on a mission blesses everyone in the family and gives us more opportunities to share the gospel with more people. Yeah tomorrow maybe i'll have some apple soda lol cause it's as close as I can get to apple cider but oh well.
     Well I can say happy last day of peak and then it's over Yeah.Haha I just heard Shakira and my companion loves her hahaha. How funny! Anyway tomorrow is Christmas and I hope everyone gets what they want. Oh this is one thing I wanted to say here people believe in Christmas but there is also another holiday the 6th of January. It's called the day of the 3 Kings or something like that and what you do is you write a letter to the 3 Kings asking what  you want and on the 6th they bring it but also you put this letter in the christmas tree and on the 6th you get presents from the Kings and eat like a donut type thing with rice or something on it. I dunno cause i've had to tell the backstory to Santa alot lol. I still dunno where he's from I thought he's from dutchland or Germany but I know he's from europe. No Jen I meant that my camera couldn't read your photos but I fixed it so keep the pictures coming.Anyway yes tomorrow is the day we will Skype.
     Oh man some kid is playing halo 4 right next to me noooooo. Anyway I just wanted to say i'm ready for tomorrow and I love all you guys and wish you a Merry Christmas.Anyway here is pics of  my area and it's all dusty lol cause its like the most poor area but that's all good, I just wanted you guys to see it. Anyway I can't wait till tomorrow. Oh yeah I hope someone talked to you about my dentist bill, well I got two root canals.Well I still need to go back but I will have 2 root canals and 2 crowns for about 1000 bucks so yeah I hope you can figure something out, sorry. Tomorrow is Christmas and i'm ready to talk to you guys. Well I love you guys.
 Feliz Navidad. Nos Vemos mañana en skype.
Con Amor Elder Cooper

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