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Monday, December 17, 2012

It's almost Christmas

Hey everyone,
     yep it's almost Christmas so I figured out were gonna do Skype on the 25th lol Christmas, Navidad. Okay what the heck no email from mom dunno what happened. Anyway this week not to much happened really just worked and only 2 people came to church and yeah also I went to the dentist and I got a root canal done and he said I need to return and get the other one done. So yeah i'm going to return but I still need a crown  on the other one.Talk about pain, but there really good !  what else, nope haven't gotten any packages but maybe tomorrow because we have some meeting with the president cause it's Christmas haha talk about fun lol. Anyway yeah not much happened. Just the dentist and I dunno oh I weight 270 now wow huh.
      So tomorrow maybe I will be able to get your package. So mom sold her car wow that didn't take long. How much longer till she gets another one? lol I hope it's a good one haha but so there's no other car then Jen's? I don't really understand that one because I've only received one e-mail from Jen so who knows. Well for Navidad we aren't allowed to go with members or with investigators but we have to work so I really don't understand it but the 24th we get to watch movies yeah and then the 25th is talk with our family's.
      Anyway I dunno why but my camera will never read your pictures Jen I have no clue why but oh well. So I dunno what else to put really I dunno I have a sore throat boooooo.
Ohhhhh I got that card from Thanksgiving hahaha thanks everyone for saying something in my card I really appreciate it. I don't understand the bacon wrapped hot dogs are fine. You just gotta know what tiendas to go to,that was probably the problem but yeah they are fine here. lol you should see the stuff we eat here its way dirty haha. PJ why did you write I don't remember throwing knifes at you. hmmm must be the stress of being married, it's already gotten to him hahahah. hahaha but Juan yeah how was your turkey cooked with lasers? hahah I hope it was good cause I didn't have turkey and yes the 720 will be out when I come back as Halo 4 and games are already coming out, I love it in Spanish people just say english words in spanish and its all good like Halo 4 in Spanish haha. The family looks good yeah the temple looks beatiful like always and I really dunno what to say cause this week we just worked and 2 random people showed up at church and all the people we had promised didn't come. Hey I found nerds in an oxxo yumm only a dollor lol.What to put in this letter well really it's just about Skype because I believe I can Skype in this internet cafe cause they got webcams and stuff and they are open On Navidad.
Yeah i'm excited for this. What else I dunno here are some pictures, well one is really random just me thinking hahahaha. and then one with another Elder ummm Elder Cruz and then pictures of our crappy house and we don't have gas which sucks I  mean really what happened. lol so I have to heat by iron or by gas on the stove which doesn't make sense cause that works but not our boiler.
       Wow Jen yeah I heard something about sandy hollow massacre, but wow how sad man people are just so dumb and only thinking of themselves and no consequences to others and also some Mexican singer died and everyone is like all sad and crying and my companion also like all sad. I don't even know who she is.
     Yeah what happened Mom I didn't receive an email from you, you must be really busy from peak well at least Jen sent me a letter but Mom can work to pay for me.What else so yeah maybe today this hermana will give me brownies she served in the states. Yummm like quiero en serio haha. That's funny. Jen I don't know if it's your phone or what but my camera can never read your photos but it's okay. So maybe today brownies and maybe tomorrow I will get my packages. Who knows.Well what else really lol.Hey ask Tyler if he's ever heard of regetton or however  you spell it it's like everywhere here lol I dunno it's okay.
      Well i'm gonna end my letter.So wake up early on Christmas so we can Skype, yeah it's like i'm still there for Christmas haha.Wake up everyone and set your alarms and get your butts up so we can talk. Please have some apple cider just for me haha that's one thing I do miss. lol that's like my tradition. That's so funny I never though I would have a tradition but wow I love it. Just a nice cold bottle well I guess this year i'll have to have some apple soda.I'm gonna wrap up this letter so maybe I will be able to get my packages tomorrow if they come or maybe on Thursday because that's when i'm going back to the office's so who knows,I really do want them because they always have the best stuff in them always. Well I never received an e-mail from Mom so I assume she just didn't press send or something but thanks to everyone and I wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I dunno what else to say really but can't wait for Christmas to talk to you guys. So yes the 25th Navidad Christmas.So see you next week  lol. 
love you all,

 Elder Cooper

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