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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

I have a new Address

Well first news I have is the offices of our Mission have changed, here is the new address.
Misión México Ciudad de México Oeste
         Avenida Fuente de las Pirámides No. 1, Piso 1
Lomas de Tecamachalco, C.P. 53950
Naucalpan, Edo. de México          
                                                                                                                                                       I believe that any package or letter will be forwarded to the new one , who knows but they're both church buildings, so I beilve they're fine.
Okay, so I'm responding to people's letters as I go. First this week nothing really happened. Oh I had Dominos. YAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH lol but also I ate at a buffet resturant and I chipped my tooth, and well after this I'm about to go to the dentist. So Mom it's probably gonna cost like who knows cause I'm gonna have the Dentist look at my other tooth also. So at least 200 but the max 400 so who knows? But it's in the back so no pictures. Oh well. so we had two people show up to church, haha. We met one lady, she is in a wheel chair and I dunno what really happened, but she can walk a little. We were talking with her and her husband, Her husband was like no I'm Catholic and no one will talk about the Holy Ghost. but she was giving him a look like oh flip no! Then he was like no tomorrow we will go to our church and she said, no tomorow I will go there with all my kids.... I was like wooooh. but she didn't go I beilve the husband beat her or just made her go to the other church cause she knows it's true you can just feel it anyway.

Okay Brandon,  we married Erica and George, lol not 2 dudes haha but yah that's funny but yah it's pretty funny. I know pretty calm Dylan down nah video games are fine..... until he snaps and kil... I mean nothing hahahaha. Some people next to me are playing Gears of War 3 it's pretty funny to hear it and in Spanish ahaha.

Okay Jen I know how to make it just add milk I was just saying okay I just dunno how to make it cause I don't have a pan but if ur sending me one then I can lol yahhhh. lol but yah I guess I can. umm yah the Feliz Navidad song I've only heard that once or twice but I always sing along haha but yah I thought you guys would be doing that same thing. haha No Jen my companions name is Elder Ferrera lol close but no. Jen I love all the photos. Oh yah forget peak, peak sucks but I have a different kind of work to do. Sorry Jen I can't bring you lunch. Okay so this is something that your all huddled up about. so I believe I will skype on the 24th in the tarde sorry in the afternoon at like 6ish so get your skype stuff ready and if this time does not work tell me cause I will tell my companion that we need to do it on Christmas Day. so buy a webcam and make sure you can skype with people. ask Brandon. 

Anyway I'm glad you went to Stake Confrence. Yah being happy is defenitly something hard like right now I have to go to the Dentist and I'm like ffffffflip my life. but it's for the better. Yah being happy is something that always helps cause the Lord always puts this thing or whatever it is in your path for a reason and we're meant to deal with it. To help people or to just have the feeling of going through it. Yes Grandpa is one of those people I can always look at cause I've never heard him complain in my life. Always grandpa can you help me with this or that. Always sure, never why me???????????? But always with a hard working smile. That's one thing I love. being called to serve in the temple, man what a blessing. Yah it is far but I'm sure Grandpa just loves it.

I never think about safety ehh if I get robbed oh well. I'll be fine. stuff is replaceable and maybe I needed it or it's for some reason for the Lord or if I die in the work of the Lord it's what the Lord wants but the Lord blesses us if we follow his promptings so I don't really worry. 

WOW 3 packages wow who knows when I will get them maybe next week or the week after or the week of Christmas. hmmm I dunno really cause it's hard to tell with pouch, but we get mail every Wednseday here. but I'm gonna go check my mail right now so who knows. haha I remember the 12 days of christmas, when we just throw that stuff out the car or I would run hahahahahahha. Also the only song I really want to hear is my fav Simply Having A Wonderful Christmas Time...... 

Anyway heres a picture before I broke a part of my tooth. and then a picture at Dominos Pizza cause they deliver cause it's only like 110 pesos, 11 bucks. and then my companion hahahaha. and oh some cards of 
Halo 4 and Dragonball Z and yah, some pesos, but yah, they sell card of Halo 4 and that's as much as I've seen of Halo 4 and I love Dragonball Z and it's like stickers for an album, hahha.

Anyway well I know all is doing well. lol The tree I miss it cause we dont have one oh and also I put the Thanksgiving table napkin on my desk hahaha lol. So just tell me next week if in the afternoon on the 24th is fine for skype or no because I'll tell my companion at like 6ish. So just tell me next week. I dunno what else to say really. yah sorry I haven't gotten the chance to write a lot of letters but I love to write letters because it's like hello why aren't you writing me but no really it's just like show that person that even if they don't talk to me I'm still gonna send a letter to say I care. yah I believe that all the stuff you sent is fine because the offices changed but the old one is still of the churchs so they just forwarded it hope or I dunno What's gonna happen with everyones letters and stuff. 

I love everyone and wish them a Merry Christmas, tenga una feliz navidad.

con amor, 

Elder Cooper.

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