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Monday, December 3, 2012

I'm still Alive

Hey Everyone,
     Well another baptism yahhhh, but I don't really count it as mine. I just got to this area  and they were taking lessons before I got here. But we had 3 baptisms and I baptized two of them.  Erica y George and his dad don't know his name but it was great. Before we could baptize them  we had to marry them, so we went to this place far away and I saw my old area, well just the hill. I  also saw an Ihop, Panda Express, KFC, McDonald's , and Burger King, none of which I have eaten at but I saw a Chili's in our area hahahaha. We might go to it this change. Anyway we went today on my freaking p-day.Well we married them lol. Funny how easy it is to marry people they don't even have to go or anything you just need their papers.
     I got your packages, on Tuesday I loved the one with candy and I'm wearing the new shoes their a little tight but I don't care. Oh my gosh put those M&M's in every package yum yum. Also those Christmas CD's oh my gosh I loooooove them but on one of the CD's it has dad's song on it. I was laughing so hard. It even has the whips. I've now turned into dad every moment and now I do the same thing so just picture me doing that (but actually on time) haha. 
     Oh yeah I saw a Fedex somewhere don't know if it's in my area but I knew dad would love that. lol and the other package, Jen you know me! I've never had those snickers before but as you can probably guess my next words are candy is candy and i'm gonna eat it.  hahaha Those chicken things wow I was like yah and then I put it in my mouth, lol not good but thank you for the thought lol.Oh yea Reese's Puffs yeah those don't exist here and yum those are sooooooo good.I don't know how I can make the Oreo no bake cheesecake thing it looks so flippin good but we don't have a pan so I'm a little upset. Oh the books of the prophets I love the one from Jose Smith, 3 things in there I love. 1.The Lord commands us, do it. 2. The Preisthood is eternal never thought of that. and 3.  God not creating our spirits and putting laws and stuff. It's all really good.I really loved the packages.
     Yeah my area is really big, it's huge. We are always taking taxis and stuff haha. I heard, "Pick me up before you go go," and I almost started dancing. Well I though right away of Zoolander when he's like you know what would cheer you up? Orange machfrapchino. haha just makes me laugh. 
     Oh my companions name is Elder Ferrera and he's Mexican and only knows Spanish so it's kinda hard, but oh well, it helps with my Spanish. My companion is short lol durrr.
Well on Skype I  believe I just need to find a family that will help us. I don't know it is still like 3 weeks left so yeah I believe I will be able to do it. My companion doesn't want to Skype because he's going home after this change but he said he would help me. So yeah we just need to search and I think we have an hour to skype but that would be a good Christmas present huh?
     Wow that soda you have Jen is called Jarritos, it is like everywhere here well actually I haven't seen it a lot here but in the de effe it was everywhere. It's fruit flavor soda like orange but Mexican lol. Let's see my favorite Mexican soda would either be Jarritos in pineapple because I love pineapple you know that, or the apple soda because it's like as close as you can get to apple cider. haha The thing mom is holding I've never seen in Mexico so who knows lol. Go to Northgate market and take pictures of that stuff yeah I think they have that stuff here lol. That's where I'm going after my Mission. Oh my gosh, I just looked again at your picture if you look behind you there's a brown bottle that is a Mexican only because its made out of a Mexican fruit it's like super sweet and really rich I mean I don't like it but the Mexicans people do, but it's okay. How funny but that's a different label then here lol buy a bottle and try it lol.
     Well one of the pictures is our area, I mean just look, it's huge too.  Just huge. I don't know where our area stops but just huge fields everywhere and it's just really pretty.It's because I'm in the pueblos, the little poor towns that have been here for hundreds of years. I love it there's like those huge Catholic churches everywhere.
     Yeah a package takes about 3 weeks to get here, hope you sent me one for Christmas! lol. Oh those sheets man are a gift from God I love those things, really Thank You ! Dad thanks for the pink and gray tie haha it's still a nice tie. Also Jen that is the longest letter I can ever hope to get. haha yeah I did feel like Santa with the whose been naughty or whose been nice list. How funny! yeah that's pretty funny and thanks everyone for sending me a letter in the box it was awesome!  I mean really awesome. Thank You ! 
     I'im about to go to Walmart after this and try to find rechargeable batteries so I don't need to buy new batteries for my CD player, it's really annoying when it dies and i'm just like nooooooooooooo.
So I don't know how much that could be but thank you. Hey I found Runts at a tienga today how funny, I was like where are the banana ones? yum yum. What else really could I say? Oh Tyler you sent all that in a letter you're silly, but thank you. Yeah just kinda sucks missing out on stuff but I guess it's just something you just have to take and think well the lords got my back. Yeah  we have running water, you are so funny Jen HAHAHA. lol no our house sucks it has 2 floors and it's freezing here so I've been wearing the liner from my jacket as a jacket so I hope you can do that. I'm gonna do that until I can buy a jacket. 
Yeah Katie, I wish I could have watched that but our Mission President is strict and we can't even go on So oh well but yeah I know what you mean listening to stuff in a different language sucks most definitely when you cant understand it lol. 
     Yeah Christmas everyone here celebrates Christmas they have trees and everything. haha But it does make you appreciate those good ole days when you're at home with your family but also the real meaning of Christmas, no one ever cares about, it's also nice to see how grateful the people are here with next to nothing. It's just weird you walk into some peoples houses and it's like a new house like just as nice as in the United States and some people you walk into their house and you're like wow you have nothing. 
     Oh yeah I found peach rings man those are so gosh darn good man I love themmmmm. Its so funny on the buses no one will sit next to me cause I'm a huge white kid but I always sit on the aisle seat and put my backpack on the other seat and no one ever says, hey move your backpack, so I can sit or can I sit no lol. Just some advantages of being a white person in Mexico lol and a huge gueros in Mexico but there's the 2 dots on u in that word haha.
well I'm gonna end this letter cause I'm just rambling about crap. The Ward Christmas party sounds fun, too bad I won't be able to go, oh well. Well I'm doing fine don't worry. Well I love everyone thanks for everything. I love everyone muchisisismo. 
I know everyone is doing fine
love you,
Con Amor,
Elder Cooper.

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