Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Monday, November 26, 2012

Transfered, Finally !!

     So transfers finally happened  and well i'm not in Cantera anymore, so yes no more of that hill ! Yahhh !! So everyone at the house cheer for me Anyway yeah my last week in Cantera was really sad but I love the members there.The Family of the girl that I baptized cried when i told them i was leaving. Wow they were just about the best, I can't lie and they had the best food and everything. I dunno they might add me on Facebook.  Anyway we visited with them. I got my painting to, it looks pretty good I can't lie it's really nice. Also I really liked my old area however when we left  we had nothing that weekend,no baptisms no nada. They did white wash that area though.
      Now i'm in Metepec which is a huge zone its like 3 huge zones and then 6 other ones lol but my area is in lerma and my companion well I dunno how you say his name but he is Mexican so that is good for my Spanish. Our area is huge and it is my companion's last change so i'm going to kill him in the mish. Also in this zone it's really poor here like really poor and i'm in the poorest little towns but at least they are beautiful. I have only been here for about 2 hours or so. Our house is 2 floors but it isn't that nice. Katie i'm just glad to be in Mexico,and the houses here are never gonna be as nice as your mission. I do need to write in my journal,especially a more detailed description as you start forgetting stuff like right away. This area is huge and it seems like fun.
       mom umm I don't have any money so i'm gonna have to use like $70 bucks this week so yeah that really sucks .Oh for Thanksgiving I had some gross soup but  some people celebrate it here and some don't it's just random but I had soup from the hermana and then that night I had eggs, bacon, and toast man it was so good you don't even know yummmm. It was was really good.
      Anyway wow Jen you got a 50" inch TV, and just a little bigger then me huh, always gotta out do me dare you!  lol ! I'm glad you got The Big Bang Theory for me so I can watch it in 2 years when I come back. Anyway seems like everyone at Thanksgiving was fine but it  didn't sound like much of a Thanksgiving without apple cider. Actually they have apple soda here and everyone loves it and that's about as close as i'm gonna get to apple cider. It's really good it's like manzana lift by coke. Also black Friday sounds like it was pretty boring with out me, i could have guessed that, haha.
      Also yeah changes stink cause I have 3 bags and like 6 bags or 5 in a taxi that is really old and dirty and all the clips that hold the bags together broke so I had to tie them together while helping a hermana cause i'm so powerful huh hahaha ! Yeah what a hassel.
      Hey I found Dr Pepper here, and it's only 8 pesos and its the same and wow its really good.I've sent some pictures of me in this area is Navidad, oh and by the way I haven't gotten any packages and yeah who knows when i will actually get them but they didn't have them at the office cause I was there and I asked so yeah I will just wait and see so quien sabe but i'm waiting for more yahhhhhh
Anyway here is a picture of my zone leader who is ap now and the other guy looking up at me went home and then the picture is of my painting and the painter and then one with Dr Pepper and another with my convert. That's all I have room for. Anyway yeah now i'm in a new area and I am ready to get to work. This place is really poor and the people seem really grateful for stuff and tomorrow we will see as I start to work.Also Jen what did I tell dad? I said don't throw away the stand to the TV as it always comes in handy but nooooooooooo don't listen to Elder Cooper. Boom Roasted !! But oh well just move your stuff around and move in some armour or something. I dunno this email is kinda short and stupid and I probably won't get that package for awhile because i'm in a new area but who knows why.
      Brandon thanks for the discription of the walking dead, it sounds gory but I was like wow I want to watch  that but in 2 years.It sounds awesome lol. why can't more people send me stuff like my awesome uncle bdog? I have still yet to see someone playing halo 4 or cod bo2 I think jesus loves me to much to let me see it because i just heard some kids playing but I think halo 4 is way popular here its like wowwowowow. Thank you all for your support and I wish you a Merry Christmas hahaha but really thank you for all your support and yeah going to church really isn't that hard but I used to look at it that  way. that's why i dunno why but it's really easy. just go. get your butt up and go to church lol.  Thanks for everything mom, dad, and Jen and I know you will love these pics.
anyways I love all of you. and I dunno what else to say I hope I get your package some time this year. I love you all.
Con Amor,
 Elder Cooper.

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