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Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Hello Everyone,
     Wow another week has gone by, don't worry I got a haircut, la verdad. Wow, so many emails, thank you everyone! HALO 4 AND BLACK OPS 2 came out? How fifi! hahahahah But oh well it's something I  have to look forward to. Anyway this week we thought we had a baptism but it didn't end up happening. I have only baptized one person and she's completly active and goes to seminary.  Now I  have one week and then I will probably transfer out of this area but I am just going to work hard even if I can't baptize anyone.
      I had to give a talk in church yesterday and I  had some points to talk about, the topic was my choice, so I chose missionary work. I talked about how Mom was a little missionary to me and how it helped me. It lasted 7 minutes but I didn't have a lot to say. lol While I was talking our zone leaders opened the door and I waved at them and everyone looked at them, it was really funny.
       Wow walking dead NO one told me this, but a lot has happened and it sounds really bloody! lol. It also sounds like it's going to be awesome when I get home. Well I am glad Brandon fixed your computers. Thank you Brandon, really, thank you.
     Also felcidades PJ and Amanda once again sorry I couldn't be there, but yeah, I am in Mexico. I know PJ understands! hahaha.. PJ, when I get angry I always remind myself of when you threw that Homer Simpson rubix cube against the wall just ahahaha and threw it full force. Just makes me laugh so hard every time I think of it. I don't know if you remember that but I do and it was funny.
      Wow 2 packages well I haven't gotten anything but thats cause of the way they do the mail so maybe tomorrow I will get a package cause our zone leaders are in their offices. So pray tomorrow I get a package! lol. I hope I get both packages.
      Jen you started watching The Big Bang Theory? hahahah, lol actually I never gave that show a chance I would love to watch it when I come back. I really never said well this is good or bad. ERIC I see you playing halo.
     Also the lady next door made tamales wow they had to be good, but I don't know, you should have taken a picture of the drink she gave you it was probably juice of some kind or something or it probably wasn't even a drink. hahahah it was probably mole hahahahah. Ask her de donde es? Where are you from the ¿de effe o que estado?
     Anyway,  yeah I mean I will miss Thanksgiving, but it will be a different Thanksgiving for me, one without turkey. One that I am thankful for being able to serve the Lord and its just so awesome! Also I ate 5 hamburgers from of the Hermana's she just kept giving them to me I was like stop please! haha Yeah I destroyed that golf course Brandon. haha
      Oh we had Elder Alfonso from the 70 come and talk to us it was so powerful. I was like wow a 70 from the Lord. How powerful, and he would just walk up to people and say," Hi I'm here to prepare you for your baptism".You know he's a 70 for a reason.
      My tooth has been killing me I think I might have to go to the dentist here.I've been brushing every day and night, I think I have weak teeth or enamel but yeah just pain and it's been keeping me up. I really don't want to go but if I do noooooooo!!! or maybe my teeth are moving cause it's really painful but I bought some Sensodine stuff.
      Well this week I also learned how important it is to be able to joke around or just let my personality out more as sometimes people need to laugh. Well anyway I am going to end this letter as it's my last letter in Cantera, well maybe. Here's a picture of me at the computer place and of one of the virgin Mary things that are everywhere . Well I know everyone is doing good. Just keep me informed and I love everyone and Mom thanks for the support and everything and Jen thanks for everything. Dad you're just funny! haha. Eric love you.
Well I'm going to end this letter.
todo tenga una muchiisisisisismo buena semena
con amor
Elder Cooper

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