Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Monday, November 12, 2012

Haha yah, I heard about Obama the day he won. BOOOOO! lol Even the people in Mexico were sad. Well I guess I'll go over my week, we did alot of contacting and we brought one lady to church. She is really thinking about church and I'm like yah! Someone is interested! Also I just let all of the things my companion does that bug me go because we couldn't find anyone, so I started trying to find more people. I guess my personality has come out more. I'm saying jokes and stuff at the door and my companion is laughing that's no good! lol I was argueing with this girl asking why she wouldn't go to church. It was Saturday and I asked her, "what you doing tomorow?" She said,  "nothing", "well perfect you can come to church tomorrow!" but ah, it didn't happen, but it was pretty funny. 
Anyway yah, we had alot of work and hey I even watched a full epsiode of Dragon Ball Z during our lunch in comida, haha, it was so funny cause it was in Spanish I was like wow. Jen your gonna laugh about this so yesturday our comida or lunch was ¡SUSHI! ugh but the Hermana gave me sushi without fish I was like yah. but my campanion ate the sushi with fish and was throwing up all last night. Everyone here knows I hate pescado (fish) lol, but anyway yah that was my week.
So you guys went to Fresno? Eric took MY xbox up there? haha no I'm just kidding I'm glad that it's being  used, la verdad. But haha, the picture of Eric and Isaac playing reminds me of me playing, haha. So intense. but I'm glad that everyone had fun in Fresno lol, and Isaac got to see his pops. Yah Eric start working at FedEx. DON'T DO IT! haha, no really! It was a really good experince and good pay. But yah Eric just stay busy with stuff, work, school, and everything. Glad you painted your room. Now get out of mine! haha! chiste! I'm just kidding, thats fine. Really it doesn't matter that much.
Jen so your foot is like moms? I really have no clue what that means, but that sucks. I really hope you don't need surgery on it. as any surgery is bad. And you sent another package yaghahahahahaha! I will get it one of these days! lol, hopefully! I better pray right now! No candy, whahahahaa? noooo. Nah it's okay.
What else? I got a letter from Jen and Grandma. lol I was like yah and 2 Dear Elders. yahaha but I'm glad you got one from me Jen. haha I'm glad that it's the same reaction all around. truely I dunno about how my Spanish is, but I don't really care because I just go out there with a smile. A lot of people tell me I can understand very well, but when I don"t understand I just act like I know what they're saying and continue or write down the words I didn't understand, but most the time I just pay close atention to what they're doing cause you can see if they're going to laugh or if it's serious.You know what I mean right? Bueno.
The only spanish I don't get really is subjunctive and I hear it's only as you go you really start getting it.
Anyway yah me en canta ( I love) bacon . I make it all the time. Man it's so good for real yum yum. I'll also
make either sunny side up eggs or scambled  because I dunno those are pretty good. What else really? Yah Thanksgiving doesn't exist here, so yep, no turkey or Adam Sandler song for me. What else? Oh can someone please send me that Spanish video, someone, that's on my facebook as I really want to watch it and laugh, but please in my email or on a sd card. Please send it! lol. Well yah I haven't gotten too sick I guess but I have my fingers crossed but the food is sometimes good and bad so boooo.
Also yah, thanks for sending me another package I'm so grateful that you would send another one or the same one again I have no clue but thank you. What else really? Yah changes are in 2 weeks so I hope I'm out of this area but I really love it here. That's one thing I had to learn, who cares about the area just go out there and find those people who need the gospel.

Oh Tyler usted es en byu yahhh felcidades, yo no se este sin embargo en mi hermana carta.yo fui gaoahahahah tyler. yo se que usted haré muey bien en byu si claro que si. pero es muey bien tal vez disupes este yo pudeo ir byu.
Thank you for everything and no mom I love everyone equally but some people do have more time and that time is for sending me packages and letters right Jen? Oh yah, one picture is me knocking a door in a alley  right? Then one that is the hill I climb everyday, just zoom in and look at that crap! ugh. And the last is us on the bus and I'm making the stupidist face, lol. But whatever, we had to go to de effe for flu shots but OHHH yah I weight 280 libres wowoowowo! So since I left the MTC I've lost 30 pounds and since I've started losing weight I've lost 74 pounds. Wow, what a blessing for real to loose this fat little by little, but I'm glad I can. Also it's just awesome to think about that 30 pounds in 2 months. I dunno if that's good or not, but I believe so right? Anyway I thought everyone would love hearing my weight especially Dad! lol. So how close we pops? haha. I hope everyone at home  is losing weight ( imagine I'm pointing my finger at some people, you know who you are)
Anyway I'll wrap this puppy up and go shopping. I love everyone and I'm so glad everyone is doing so well la verdad.
tenga una buena semana todo
con muchisisisisimo amor,
Elder Cooper


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