Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Monday, November 5, 2012

My package got held up! Ugh! My old companion said it would be fine, but just if you get it just send it through USPS.  By the way when is Thanksgiving? I can't remember. anyway dang that just upsets me, arghghgh! haha! Yah, my companion is a total Jeff. Jen you are so right. Haha, no I haven't forgotten. Well not much happened this week we just knocked doors and passed by for 3 people and they didn't answer boooooo. It's weak, whatever. I got 3 more weeks in this change till it's done and over haha.

You will love that picture that I sent I made like 5 or 6 pancakes with bisquick so goood. And it was only an hour before we ate with a Hermana haha, lol I was so full but I bought bacon so I'm about to have that and pancakes. When I finish that man that just upsets me about my package ughghghgh! Oh well. Hopefully I can get it in a couple .man I hate customs their so stupid. HOW could you not send anything into Mexico lol! It's Mexico lol! haha! Jen that's bad that you might need surgery, I don't like that one bit. Hopefully she will call with good news. Also the picture of the tacos, oh man it was the best salsa with pineapple on it, or piña. It's sooo good called tacos al pastor yum, and only 6 pesos like not even 50 cents in the states. lol.

Anyway if that package is lost lo siento. The medicine here well they don't have generic they only have the most expenive, lol  hmmm, what else really? Oh yah all the other pictures are of our apartment, it looks terrible, and it pretty much is. But I know that all of you wanted to see pictures of it so, what else? Nothing really. Eric's playing games and stuff on my computers, sounds like I never left. He's probably playing my old gameboy or whatever it's all good. Eric sounds like me K dunno video games are just fun and I think there's no harm from them. haha Brandon I almost died of laughter from your letter hahaha. Yah I should have told you that but it's like rule no 1. you never move the xbox while it's on or bye bye game forever. That sucks. I'm glad Brandon can keep me informed as hes my only source of outside info really.

WHAT?! STAR WARS is going to continue, no way! That's sick! When I return in 2014 hopefully it will be almost done, yah. Ubuntu I dunno they always add useless stuff to Ubuntu for some reason. all we need is linux and a terminal alright haha. But I haven't used linux in so long, ugh. No me gusta este. haha.Your last day at NZJ did u have tears of joy as you ran out of there? I never have to see you people again! haha.

One thing everyone will be like wow I didn't know that, so here the 31st of October is well Halloween, nada mas, and they don't do anything really. Then 1st of NovEmber is some day can't remember the name but the kids dress up like Halloween and go to all the tiendas( stores) and get candy, haha. It's pretty funny cause they don't go to the houses there or anything which I really don't get. also the 2nd of November is dia de muerte which is when they go to the graves and clean them up and lay like flowers and other random stuff on them, but nothing else happened. Oh I watched a little of the Walking Dead in Spanish but it was an old episode weak. someone should send me the recaps of that show cause its awesome. It was the one where that blonde ladies sister turns into a zombie, but it was all in Spanish. I was like sick I'm doing that after my mission. Yah I'll be just like Tyler I guess.listening to Spanish everything, lol.

 But why is it taking so long to paint Eric's room? Just boom one day. Well I'm gonna end this letter cause it's quite long si.  About my painting, no I'm just gonna roll it up and put it in my bag. As it's painted on material and it does look quite nice, but he should be done next week I believe but it looks really nice. You know the one I'm talking about when Jesus comes down to the Nephites, but he said one more week. I shall send a pic next week. I'm just sad about my package I was expecting to have fitted sheets soon boooo. but yah just if and IF is in capitals for a reason.

Mom you chipped your tooth almost forgot that MAN well that sucks get in there and get it fixed haha I'/m trying to picture this seems funny but not. haha some missionary also did that too haha.   That sucks the back moler man those things suck and are painful. haha Pepes is about the most Mexican resturant I can remember in Cali haha. well I'm gonna end this up and how come no one is updating me on video games and other things of the world? Execpt Brandon, thank you very much Brandon I really do appreciate it.

Well I'm gonna end this letter cause I'm just talking lol haha. One more thing Mexicans here love cup of noodles haha, Yah me tambien lol I was like sweet! They are so easy to make and so yummy but they don't fill you up too much, oh well.  I won't get any letters this week, boo cause the way pouch is set up. oh well. I bought some yoghurt lol that's how its spelled here. Yum well I'm gonna end this up and can't wait to hear from everyone this week. Mom why are your pictures so small. and I almost didn't get your email Mom I was like whaaaa and then it showed up! lol
Well anyway I love everyone and I can't wait to hear from everyone next week

tenga una bueno semena

con muchismsmso amor,

Elder Cooper

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