Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Woah I dunno I'm glad to hear you're painting Eric's room and what happened to photos? I was so sad I didn't get any =(, lol. But anyway this has been a really hard week. So my companion got us in major trouble with the Mission President as we went to a members house for his birthday party. I guess you could call it, and the lady took a photo and put it on Facebook. Man was President angry!.

I finally learned how pouch works here, so mail comes on Wednesday and our District Meeting are on Tuesday, soooooooooo pretty much I dunno I probably won't get your package for either next week or the next. Definitely not tomorrow. that's weak. What else? Well this week I contacted 140 people, wow, that's a lot right? Yep and also our mission is changing to, now well in a month, we can't contact doors. And we have to work with members. I don't think the President likes it. Que mas I dunno I got 2 letters from Jen and one from Dad today, yahhhhh! Que mas? Yah so not too much has happened this week. I saw a Resident Evil 6 trailer. I was like nooooooooooooooooooooooo! Why? I'm so sad, but oh well, and also heard about the Galaxy Samsung More importantly whats going on in the family? so Eric and Marc went to the movies that's good. And your painting Erics room. 

I want to see what's in the package cause who knows? lol. Either next week or the week after is when i should get it I believe. What else really nothing happened? We have just been contacting, boring really.

So I'm sending 2 pictures. Me with some límon ice cream, haha that ice cream guy gives me free ice cream, if I don't have money cause I'm really nice to him. He asked where I was from I always just say Anahiem, cause for some reason a lot of people here know where that is. He said somewhere in LA and he knew where it was, and I talked to his sons haha. But the guy is really nice. haha. He always gives us free cones and thinks it's great that us güeros are in Mexico well working in Mexico. haha He's funny. Anyway yah I dunno. What else? Yah my email is so late cause our pday was messed up cause we had a Zone Conferance with the President. Why on pday? lol. but que mas really do i say.

I hope everyone sends me pictures next week, lol. Also that in the package a genealogy chart yah then I can learn how we're Mexican. lol. Also ask our neighbor where she's from. Like what State? Or if she's from Mexico City or the de effe.

The 2 pictures I sent is me with ice cream si,. and one of just the street. Looks real nice huh? wink wink lol You can also see the hill I climb all the time. Well what else really? lol I guess I do say that all the time. Wow seems like everyone had fun at Knotts Scary Farm. Also the picture of Nicole crying reminded me of when we where watching Ghost Adventures and the phone went off and she jumped like a million feet. hahahaha. Good times!

 Que mas? Also it's dia de murte en dos dias wowowowow lol Maybe I'll get some day of the dead pan. lol It looks good. Also they also have Halloween decorations here lol.What else? HEY I gave my first priesthood blessing to the best member but I didn't know how to do it so my companion had to help me. lol.

Also I dunno i got cup of noodles. I'm probably gonna go eat some. yum yum. lol. What elseeeeee? Oh in this package is Thanksgiving stuff huh? Well I am impressed yah Thankgiving is a complete American holiday lol but I just miss the turkey =(. the turkey here is terrible. But on the good side I had Mexican Hamburgers yesterday man there were really good I'm not gonna lie. Que mas? So my package is moving huh? At least you can track it. Also I dunno how long it takes to get from the office to me.

Cynthia Happy Birthday. I tried to send something from Mexico but someone stole it lol. Jen you stepped on a nail, looks like you need that painful shot nooo haha. Thanks for sending me shoes I dunno if I;ll like the insoles but thank you.  Yes thank you a lot for thinking of me when putting it togther like you always do.

Yah church never changes, lol it's church! Mom was probably crying when those kids were singing or doing whatever. Well anyway yah go to the temple and do some of that work as thats always awesome to do. What else to say really I'm just babbling lol  I'm doing fine I guess I just can't wait to end this change and change areas as I know I'm going to, but I like this area as it's safe. Well really I want everyone to keep doing well and keep safe, and oh Brandon, man get out of NZJ as fast as you can. haha. What else I dunno oh PJ. well sorry I'm gonna have to say I can't make it to your wedding but hopefully you can understand? Right? lol I knew you would understand PJ. hahaha lol yah well it sounds like everything is going all good and I'm going to end my letter up and hope you enjoy my email. .People change and lets be happy for that. Well I love what's happing at home.

Well I love everyone and know that they will have a good week.
tenga una buena semena
con amor

Elder Cooper
p.s so whats up?
pss look im like jen
p.s.p.s i always love seeing those on ur letters jen haha

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