Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Monday, October 22, 2012

Well what a week for the family! So what happened for me really nothing I just worked hard with no outcome, haha, siempre, lol. We worked hard and we just contacted people and then we went to go get them and then no one came. So that was a pooper. Whatever, so my companion, it's just that he always thinks that he has a better way of doing something. Like the boiler. I light it and he fought over it cause he's like jump in there, and I was like no, it needs time to warm up. Then he went and turned it off, well, not on high. I almost said some really inappropriate words but honestly I think I am blessed with a lot of patience. Well maybe now! lol! So I just turned it back on and got in the shower. Just some stuff he kills me on, but he is really helping me with my Spanish which is good. Also haha, funny, it was his birthday yesterday so we went to this members house and she made us pancakes and had a sign up saying Happy Birthday. I was like no way, haha, so funny.

Well I've gotten one letter from Jen, one from Dad, and one from Grandma Cooper yo creo. Dad put stamps in his thank you! But yah, that's all I have gotten. Also I dunno what else, oh if your sending me a package PLEASE PUT SOME peanut butter m&m's in there cause these don't exist here. I just need medicine, sheets, candy, lols, stamps, and whatever else. Maybe oh more cd's if you can. Also if you have a cd case like the cd como dice umm cd holder that would be awesome. Yah medicine, fitted sheets, pictures if you want, umm i dunno what else? Stamps, umm, if you gonna send me shoes sometime I dunno just send 12s. I guess cause my shoes are trashed. They have cracks in them. I'm gonna try to send you a picture, but they're trashed and destroying my feet. I'm pretty sure I just need to buy new ones here as these shoes suck I need some heavy duty ones as all we do is walk here. I dunno as the ap's won't let me go anywhere. So I told the President that I'm having a problem finding new shoes. These shoes suck but I can work with them, I' m sure one day they will just break and they have cracks in the bottom so whatever, but don't start stressing over it Mom, cause I know you are right about now!

Jen you've been doing geneology work and can trace it to Adam and Eve. I want to see this. You can trace it to someone that's from Mexico? THAT'S AWESOME, haha! I'm Mexican and I'm in Mexico figures. You never know how God works right? haha. It would be so awesome to do work for our ancestors in the temple I would love to do that when I come back. I would just love it as I can't go to the temple for 2 years anyway. lol thats childo. I dunno what else to say I hope everyone else can see this blessing. Also I hope you have been having family prayer. One thing I really want to encourage or tell you to do is to have family scripture reading. I have no clue why we didn't do this before even if it was just one chapter, but we should have done it.

I dunno what else to say in this email really I was crying when i heard how good everyone is doing. I'm so happy, haha, and can work even harder. Well what else to say really I dunno. Also that lady next door is from Mexico City WHY DIDNT SHE TELL ME! lol! Tell her I love it and I love pasole. I mean it's peligroso danger here. lol. Also it's Mexico but it's fun here and I love it it's just different here. The people are awesome here. lol. Also I have had people tell me one person in this ward used to live in Santa Ana, but I was like no way! Also one in Orange and I dunno a lot of people have lived in Los Angeles.  I'm gonna keep on working, hopefully we get some blessings, if not, oh well the Lord will bless us sometime, and the people sometime also.

I better end this up but your sending me a package YAHHH lol candy and stuff well yah that's about it. I went to Walmart and got some what are they called nooooooooooo can't remember, healthy things cereal their like little squares, and I love them. They're so good but they're imported so it's a small box.

 I miss the dogs. OHH one thing I learned Dragon Ball Z is huge here it's famoso as some Mexican company draws it, but all the kids love it and i love it. Some family gave me a thing from it I was like no way! I love Mexico. haha. It's on TV and stuff, I love it here. But yah, I miss Charley, I saw some lab that looked like Charley I was petting it. lol. Good times. Well I'm ending this letter, oh my scripture for my plaque alma 32 41. I love that one, really keeps me going. Anyway I'm ending this letter. but whatever else I didn't say in the package really thank u muchissisismo!

Look at that view and in both pictures, and my poopy shoes lol! Also Eric you're always in my prayers as the whole family is. But thank you. I love all this.

Well I love everyone mucho and I'm gonna go write letters for everyone! Well that I can think of!

ps Sounds like Knotts Scary Farm was fun.

tenga una bien semana

con amore

Elder Cooper

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