Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Monday, October 15, 2012

Dear Family,
     So another week has gone by and let me tell you what happened here, nothing really! lol. Oh we just had transfers today so I stayed in this area cual no me gusta and I got a new trainer. No se si me trainer es bien o no pero quien sabe lol but I dunno. I did not like how my old trainer wouldn't let me teach  and and he would just say the same thing over and over. He would never change it but then tell me to change my stuff. Well he is gone and I am still in this area, it's called Cantera but whatever. My new companion's name is Elder Cambell.
      So I was in the bodega which is like a small Walmart and they were playing DragonballZ on the TV, I almost couldn't walk away how funny!  I guess they love it down here still. Anyway I bought a painting from a guy it is the one of Jesus coming down to the Nephites but the guy I bought it from said it would be ready in a month and it's $60 bucks it's gonna be sweet!This guy, he plays his guitar and sings songs to us. haha. Well what I need is 1. stamps. 2. medicine, if you can I guess. 3. those fitted sheets and whatever else you guys want to send me. Maybe more MoTab CD's. Oh yeah, we can listen to anything MoTab makes or that are church hymns, but if MoTab makes a Christmas CD  I want it . Yeah, I  loved everything in the package! I was like sweet cause they don't have buttercups here or 100 grands or the yellow one(re edit butterfingers couldn't remember) man I can't remember their name but I love them gracias.  Man sucks I'm gonna miss games, boo, and I'm gonna miss The Office, new characters, boooo. No me gusta. Yeah, you can put whatever you want in the package, really. It will be cool. I love this place though, they love to play techno, so I always hear good songs!  que mas.....
      I noticed that as well, that a lot of our family genealogy work has been done. It would still be nice to do it for our relatives. I finally got some letters from like August 27th, I dunno why they take forever cause of pouch but why do people think its funny I had to walk through poop water? I had to rinse my shoes out cause they reeked. Also I dunno but we're out of gas so I need to yell for the gas guy when I hear him cause I hate heating up my water it sucks. Ugh! You guys will love this photo this week! haha. But yeah, we're out of gas. Also what else? I dunno really. I'm just trying to learn Spanish and it sucks when you don't know what people are saying, but I want a Mexican companion so I can't speak English and I will be forced to learn Spanish, but oh well.
     What else, I got grandmas letter but I dunno if I can send a letter back because I don't have any stamps so I will see if my new companion will spare any but we will see. Hmmmm what else I got Nutella yum yum, and some chocolate milk mix. Yes I am in heaven ! Sometimes.. and then I step out and I'm in Mexico! lol! boooo. It just stinks to be in the same area, our area is the second smallest area in the mission. Just lots of people and hills I guess. Booooo! Call of Duty Black Ops 2, send me some screen shots wink wink Brandon. haha! I always go to this kid and he's playing Halo Reach and it's in Spanish I'm like thats awesome haha, I'm doing that when I come back. Oh Jen, call up Brandon and ask him to come over or take your computer over there when you go watch movies and get your computer fixed, just  have him reinstall windows 7 ( windows 8 sucks ). and reinstall whatever program you need. I dunno what else to say I feel like I'm dragging this letter on and I am in a trio today because I dunno really but just for today oh well. Well I am always tired here,.what else? I wanna see a picture of Eric with his glasses. What happened there come on now and whatever else lol. You could send a SD card full of photos in the next package but anyways I am rambling. Oh yeah wanna hear a really random thing? They have like these flea markets called tengies no se how u spell them but they are like red tents that sell all kinds of crap in the streets, and I found some Dragonball Z cards. haha They are super fake. haha.  It makes me laugh but they have everything you could want there. Anyways just cool stuff you might want.
      Anyways I'm kinda bored and I dunno what else to say, I dunno really thanks everyone for your letters. It sounds like Dylan is probably better than Brandon at Mafia Wars 3 now haha, when does Black Ops 2 come out? Also going to JDY, yeah get out of NZJ as fast as you can my friend runnnnnnnnn. adelante. Anyway I'm glad everyone is doing good. How could I forget Grandma Cooper, thanks for the socks, I love those things, haha, it's hard to wear them here cause we always wear sandals but I love them always, thank you. Thanks everyone for their letters in my package and the cd's even though that cd player dies really quickly. So if you have the power cords for it or for the speaker please send those so I don't have to waste 5 bucks on batteries. Well I must be going as I probably have to hand wash my clothes or some crap, but who knows. Also tell Eric to send me a letter, whats going on there? lol But yah, that article, I thought was good. I'm glad you got it, the one about families. I feel like I'm rambling, blah blah blah lol. haha Dads been counting down yah he has always done that. I try not to do that as it's useless as I just want to know Spanish already, (come on) and baptize a million people. Well it's been good and everthing I hope these next 6 weeks this change is better but I dunno this area I don't really like, but oh well, I'll make the best and destroy this area and hopefully loose all this weight. Well I'm gonna end this letter now I mean it! lol. Plus I'm hungry. I don't really have any funny stories or anything well I don't think so, but probably. Anyway I'm ending this letter. and I love everyone. Hope to get letters at the end of this week. Oh yah, we had a change, pouch is only at the church on Tuesdays so we only get stuff on Tuesdays so it takes forever to get stuff foreverererer lol and maybe not even on our pday which is super stupid! Oh well. I guess members were stealing stuff from pouch. Not in our area, but from somewhere. Oh well, well I'm ending this badboy hope everyone enjoys this and my 2 pics lol the iron in water and a nice view.

I love everyone
tenga bien semena todas me familia
nos vemos
con amor
Elder Cooper

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