Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Monday, October 8, 2012

Well another week. Yah, I got to watch conference sort of,  well not really, it was in Spanish and I didn't understand any of it. I got to watch it in English for about 10 minutes and then some jerk came in and switched it to Spanish. Yah it sucked! So booooo!. I have no clue what happened on Sunday but I heard about the age limits for guys being 18 and women 19. I think it's great but dosn't change too much really. People will still wait to go, they just won't have to wait for college.

But wow. Jen get ready for this, I was eating comida, well food. It was like a huge pepper so I'm eating and thinking well this isn't so bad, and then I get to this part that HAS FLIPPING SALMON IN IT I ALMOST THREW UP it was disgusting! Like no chiste! I was gagging and almost went down. Ughhhhh! But she did give us pop tarts.

What else from my week? Oh yah, my medicine is kind of expensive here. It's like 50 bucks for 20 pills so in my next package, if you send one, please put stamps and that medicine, please! lol. Oh yah, please I can't find them here, fitted sheets, I can't find them at Walmart or anywhere. So if you can't send you know not loose, but fitted. I love those they're so easy. lol!  It's way too expensive here.

 Oh Katie, I didn't mean anything, it was a chiste! lol! I meant I just dunked more, lol, no I just meant I finally got a baptism. Yah man, I was like, yah! And I know that even if you don't get baptisms you still helped people come closer to it. Anyway what else from my week, oh yah, Next week is the end of the change, and I'll probably still be in my area. which is called Cantera. I forgot to tell you. Also yah, we almost had a baptism but she didn't show, boooooo! Oh well, don't think she was interested. Also we brought a family to general conference.

This mission some stuff of this mission sucks but most of it doesn't. Well I got your package this morning from the Zone Leaders. They also changed pouch, so it's only at the church. It's only there on Tuesdays, so I only get stuff on Tuesdays now officially. I opened it and looked a little but I still need to walk to our apartment. but Civil War motab is that what i saw? That seems awesome, but yes thank you for sending me cd's and and a cd player. Yah even though I could have gotten them at Walmart I'm so thankful you sent them. Also for the Halloween stuff, and candy, oh and 2 awesome ties! haha! You know me. I'm gonna listen to them even though \I only have like 3 hours left of our p-day. I dunno what else is in there, but I will find out and I'll love it! Thank you everyone who put into the package, and sent it. I am really thankful. I dunno, what else to say.

This letter is kinda short as I think I am staying in this area again, booo! But it's really nice, lol. Also Dad fixed the pool light, haha,  nice. Well I have to go wash my clothes by hand again which sucks and is really hard. Plus there's a freaking washing machine right next to me when I'm washing my clothes on a wash board. Also I played soccer today with our zone. Who knows how I was, lol, but I don't care.

What else? What else? Oh yah, I was in this bathroom it's the photo, and look it's like elf! I couldn't even stand at all. There was no door or nada. haha! I thought everyone in the family would enjoy that photo alot! haha! Yah look that's where we wash our clothes.  We still have warm water but we might need to get the gas changed again. lol Also I have the package and I'm going to go enjoy it! lol! How sweet that I got it today on my pday! lol! Oh want to hear something awesome so pdays are always on Monday. my birthday in the field is on Sunday. boo, but the second time its on a pday how flipping sweet woooooooo! lol! Just interesting.  I had the best comida the other day it was mashed potatoes with like cheese melted on big fat noodles, remided me of spaghetti with cheese. Ha I was so happy and some choclate cake yum.

Well I hope everyone there is losing weight! lol! I just bought a workout band at Walmart, yah, gonna get jacked son! haha! 200 dollars in my account should be good, 2000 pesos lol. Thanks.well I dunno where else to take this letter. I hope everyone watched General Conference, and did you watch the last session? They sang, "God Be With You Till We Meet Again",  Dads fav song! haha. I was like wonder if he's listienng to it. Everyone will be in my prayers 

well anyway I love everyone! Thanks for the support!

tenga una beuna semanacon (have a good week)


Elder Cooper

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