Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Monday, October 1, 2012


YAH well I'll answer all your questions after I tell this story! lol! YAAAA! I got my first baptism yahahaha. I was so excited but I'll tell the story, well so 3 or 2 weeks ago we went to go eat comida  (lunch) at Hermana Prado she is probably the best member at the ward and she had her sabrina there. I think that's cousin and she said well she would like to take the lessons. No wait, she called us and told us that so we ran over there and gave her the first lesson, but l  just bore my testimony you know all poderoso. haha. Then I thought well nothing is gonna happen from that cause she looked like she felt really awkward. Then this week we were going to comida at Hermana Prados house and well her name is Maria was like, "yo quiero tomar un bautismo". I was like WAHHh??? My jaw was like on the floor cause she only had one lesson. Yah, but I think it was cause she had such a supportive family. I was like okay, and remember this was on Saturday. lol. So then on Sunday I baptized her! Only had to do it once. It was great  I was like a giant compared to her. Oh yah, I also forgot to say her name but I'm pretty sure if she accepted it, and the 2 priests watching think it was okay we're good. I mean, Jesus, at the judgment bar isn't gonna hold that against her. Anyway, it was super sick! YAH NOW I've beaten Katie! lol. Anyway it was just really cool cause just working with faith I didn't think we were gonna have anything cool happen. Her name was Maria Fernanda Perado Bellastio with a thing over the o.

One more cool thing, some guy yelled at us in good English, and we taught him. While teaching him the power went out, pure darkness. I'm like alrighty, and then his wife brought in a candle so we taught by candlelight. Pretty cool huh? lol He also said he knew where La Habra and Anahiem were lol but she also showed up at church on her own.

Anyway on to your stuff, lol I'm so glad that Meghan and Issac came down. I'm so glad that they were able to just have a fun time. Sounds like Issac had fun. Mom I can't really write the Bishop as I don't have any stamps. PLEASE NEXT PACKAGE SEND ME STAMPS, US STAMPS. You can send your package however USPS or FedEx they both get here in about the same time. Dear Elders take forever I'm glad everyone thought me heating up my water was funny cause it sure isn't! It's the diff between life and death people! Que mas? Oh Jen, I think Dia De Muerte is the same day as Halloween, but I dunno and I have no clue what we do. I know everyone here has parties and stuff lol.

HEY why has no one fixed Jens computer? Just reinstall windows 7. How hard is this people? There should be an external hard drive connected to my computer with windows 7 on there. Who knows by now as you have to plug it into power and the computer. What else? I haven't gotten your package yet maybe tomorrow. I really hope so. Sounds like you sent me music, that would be sweet! lol I really hope so! I figured out my medicine, well toprimate here is well the good brand, not generic, and it is called topamax and is 50 bucks for like 20 pills. What a rip off. I DONT NEED A prescription yah. So I'm fine on that. What else well I'm just really glad everyone has had such a good week lol

lol Brandon I can't tell if you saw Issac or not but haha windows 8 no me gusta hijole lol maybe on touch screens anyway. No I sadly have heard nothing on iphone 5, or anything, or any video games boo What is going on here people? lol chiste. Also yah that tostada is nothing like this food. We ALWAYS have some soup here, ugh. I never eat much, but I'm going to have to so the members don't get too mad. UGHHH Mole is like I dunno, like straight dirt man, but I have had horchata it's not that bad actually. I kinda like it.

Oh yah, to Tyler wow living in Vegas nice! Away from family always sucks. lol. But I hope BYU accepts you. And the thing on the going by for investigators, I dunno they always do that here but I feel if the investigator is truly going to become a strong active member and get baptized it is through their actions and through my fe that they will show up. You know what I'm talking about? But yah, my Señor siempre este. que mas pues eres muey bien usted estas en su hogar lol well im done with Spanish, but yah gracias. I dunno how my Spanish is, it just sucks cause sometimes you can't talk. Some things, and I've been with a native, and I can't get some things out! lol.

The iron in the water, nope you just drop it in while plugged in, yah just trying to die and all you know. Well I dunno, que mas a dice? hmmmm  Oh I'm glad Grandma Cooper found it funny. lol Thanks Grandma. Anyway it's not bad out here. Well I'm gonna send some baptism photos and yah
maybe I'll try to trade for some stamps but maybe I dunno, also thanks for the pics I always save them to my sd card and then look at them whenever I'm bored. haha The Mexico City one is funny and Issac looks good. Jen nice your upside down, but the dogs look comfy. Mom that picture of you in Alaska at the salmon bake is really small. Well I guess I'm rambling so I guess I'll finish up ummmmmmm. Thanks everyone for their love and support, and thanks for the package and whoever put stuff in it thank you!

Oh yah my umbrella broke booo, cause it rained hard yesterday, but oh everyone can find this disgusting. I had to walk through like poop water cause the sewer thing was over flowing from the rain. So gross, and my shoes are soaked. booooooo. Oh yah, now we have to do our laundry by hand wow! Well at least my arms will be able to get jacked you know... . I'll be like Arnold (think I was doing my Arnold voice! hahaha) . Well I better end my letter up. haha

I love everyone and....well you are all in my prayers. Well everyone have a good week! I hope people are loosing weight like I am. It's just melting off like butter I swear. No I dunno really. I hope people are working out cough cough, Mom, Dad, Jen? lol You're going to the Temple, yah, such a great place I can't even say. It's just beautiful. Anyway everyone have a great week! I love everyone! Tenga una bueno semena.

con amor

Elder Cooper

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