Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Monday, September 24, 2012

Well wow! Another week! haha Well I'll say what happened this week - nothing really. We found more investigators and it was nice, but none of them came to church, which is sad. So yah, pretty much we're sucking, oh well, haha. I continue on faithful you know what I'm saying? So funny, like at least 3 people were rep, Hello no no me gusta su religion in like a ghetto voice! Hahah I cracked up! But it's pretty funny. I dunno this week I went on changes cause we suck I guess, but I went to a different area and I didn't know You stayed there the night. Boooo, cause i didn't take a lot of stuff. I had to take a shower and dry off with my old garments. I was like well this sucks! hahahah

But it's alright, yah, I got your Dear Elders, we always get stuff on Tuesdays. I got 2, but they take like 2 weeks to get here, I think cause it was talking about Tyler staying in Vegas which is cool. Nice on moving out. Well this is awkward, hahaha, chiste, haha, but yah, not much has happened. Oh yah, we found Baxster again he always follows us I'm like, umm, your gonna die, cause dogs attack him and stuff. We were talking to a member and my companion was sitting there and Baxster came up and scratched his arm. I was like well this is awkward. But yah nothing has really happened this week. I guess, oh yah, funny story i was going to the bathroom and I start hearing bum bum bum I'm sexy and I know.... haha I was like waaaaa I love this song. haha I always hear good songs here and the Mexican Electronica isn't bad, tambien I heard, you didn't have to cut me off, while going to the bathroom this morning, haha, funny. (for those who don't know, it is funny cause Scott always took some music with him to the bathroom)

I dunno not much has happened I mean we have had more lessons and investigators, but not much has happened from them. I keep praying and going strong.what else? Okay you sent me a package YAHHHHHH!!!! Yeah your supposed to send it to the mission office and then they send it to us. We always get stuff on Tuesdays but I'm glad you got it out.that's funny. y tambien (and also) my Companion says you can use FedEx if you want. I dunno if it's cheaper or not, but it works cause it going to the city so they will actually deliver it. So you can choose whatever one you want and then also in the next package you are gonna want to send me stamps cause I can't send letters back in pouch without them. I sent some letters, so yah, I had to trade stuff for them, but yah I could use some stamps and then ummmm what else? The water, all the water is dirty we just refill a 5 gallon jug thing with clean water and buy 1.5 liter waters for 10 peso (a little under a dollar) but GOOD NEWS we got gas in our house. We heard the gas guy and we ran out and now we just have to light it. Sweet not cold showers for this kid.

If Meghan and Issac come down. sounds like fun. Someone can see their Dad.... Eric needs glasses big surprise! right? I mean only everyone in our family needs glasses lol. So is he gonna get glasses? I mean I look quite sophisticated with them! haha. But no Eric probably lost his vision during the end of his high school years like me. I hope he does get glasses.

 I'm so exicted that i could get a package in a week or 2! Yah I hope there's some good stuff in there. Well, oh well if people didn't get letters in there, there's always next time. But I'm excited! Oh yah, I talked to my Mission President about the email. He said that we shouldn't do it cause it can get out of hand, but his wife did it with his kid. Well whatever I've gotten over it. It's like anticipation to see what you said back. I'm probably gonna go eat some chips ahoy and some chile dulce (candy). I don't remember talking to your friend but I dunno there's a lot of people in the MTC..

There you go another great week. Well now I'm gonna go make a tuna sandwich and go take a siesta so my feet can repair, yum.

Well I love everyone, mucho ama.

Tenga un bueno semena (have a good week)

con amor

Elder Cooper

PS - In the jacuzzi you dare you?

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