Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Monday, September 17, 2012

Well, glad to be here! Glad that Mom and Dad made it back from the cruise. I hope mom is feeling better. The cruise sounds fun. This place has sucked monkey bxtt! Well not in that sense, just that we have been contacting like crazy. I mean we got over 200 contacts this week and nothing, no one came to church, and we have no investigators. So yah, pretty much all we are doing is walking around and it sucks like a lot. But u gotta plant some seeds u know what I mean? Well I dunno what else really. I'm just having fe. lol Sorry faith well fe is faith in spanish but, fe it's a trial and then I can start baptizing, but oh well. I've been told that this first baptism is always hard. I dunno my spanish sucks well it does or whatever, but i think it's getting better slowly I guess. All I really talk is when I do contacts during lessions I don't really say anything.
     What else I dunno really, well it's crazy we just had our, well Mexico just had it's Independance Day. It was crazy with a bunch of fireworks. haha I was hoping we would just watch a movie, I guess not. Then what else? Oh yah the music here is pretty dang good I always hear latin techno here. Well electronica haha they call it but I always hear it, it's like 50/50 I will hear Spanish and then English. I have heard a lot of Bob Marley around here I'm like what ? Then try to sing along haha but my companion won't have that. Hmm what else? Oh I had my first mexican pizza lets see yah, if u don't put ketchup on it it pretty much is just cheese and stuff which is supper gross. So its actually pretty good I have to admit haha it's like well u gotta do it and then I did it and was like oh it's not that bad haha. Oh yah man I feel stupid I should have brought that cd player with speakers and motab cds ugh now that sucks. Well if u want to send that it would be cool. Anyway I'm really glad to hear everyone is doing good and seeing it from Brandons email haha sucks about ubuntu but oh well glad to see everyone is doing so well. 
     I dunno what else to say really just that I hope I get some investigators this week cause it's sucking super bad. It's just like super boring just knocking, okay not interested, okay, bye. Yah and my feet are healing slowly. I dunno que mas digo. Hmmm yah i went to Walmart and i bought this box of like smores candy and I opened and 3 of them were missing I was like why mexico why? haha Oh yah i took out 2000 pesos, 200 bucks so i can have personal money on me and I'm kinda out of church money so we will see. I bought another blanket with spider man on it haha.
     Oh yah everyone here always puts juice en their auga its like weird like I had water with watermelon juice which was actually pretty good and then like lemons and weird mexican fruits and stuff. It's really weird, im pretty sure i had horchatta or however u spell it. It tasted like watered down coconut milk really I must be getting my taste buds changed. I dunno nothing has really happened, oh yah, it's been raining every night here booo, right? I wore my rain jacket which I love, and my boots also really nice. My umbrella sucks cause it has some kinda flap thing I dunno but I'll just buy another one here.
     Anyway I feel like I'm rambling and I need to sign some visa papers. So let's see, I wish everyone good luck and I love them and I dunno oh I hope u get these pictures in these email look at that poop I have to climb I think I have lost a million pounds not. And there's Baxster. I dunno intresting here they say monday and it means like what? Like how weird is that? Just yell out monday, at first I was like why is everyone yelling monday? haha funny but yah. Well I better end this crazy email. Anyway I better get back out to this crazy place. Well I love everyone, love u, nos vemos, mucho ama, and I dunno I miss everyone haha love u hope Mom gets better, have fe!

con amor,
Elder Cooper


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