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Thursday, August 2, 2012

August 2nd, 2012

Dear Family,
      Well I didn't see any emails but I went to the Temple and it was by far the best experience I have ever had. The Holy Ghost was there, testifying that everything I am doing is right. But mostly while I was there I was praying for Eric and I was just so prompted that Eric will come back into the Church sometime, I mean u never know the will of the Lord, but just have faith. It was truly so powerful. Oh I also put Eric's name on the Temple Roll. Well u can share this with Eric or not but I thought u would for sure love this. I also want to say that u and Jen need to go to the Temple more cause I know she dosen't want to go but forget about being scared and just focus on why you are there . Yeah so I love Eric but I just hoped that he would write me a dear elder or something but oh well. I just wanted to share that with you. What else I dunno I LOVED ALL THE ties u sent me, including the green paisely one. None of them are gonna be traded, I also loved the dragon ball z stuff, I would really love a Goku action figure, wink, wink, and I can't use the printer cause I need a USB cord but Jens on that. It might have came with the camera but if not u will have to buy it cause it looks funky and if u can more dragon ball z stuff lol. Well I would love a Goku action figure and then some kind of lanyard.  YAH HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!! I hope u have a fun time at work, and such as I'm here having a pday lol. Just one year closer to retiring, but I did send you a card, maybe you will get that today.
       .I  also loved the candy and Gatorade . My companion Elder Jones went home so I'm not in a trio anymore, now I'm in a duo with Elder Stromberg and he is our District Leader which is  good and he also gets the mail, it's so easy to slack off here. Elder Jones went home my companion is Elder Stromberg and he's our district leader and gets our mail. Yeah its so easy to slack off here. I dunno why Elder Jones left, he said it was family or something and when he went home he had to check his faith which is messed up, and yeah it's weird it feels like I have been here forever but I just got here . well I'm gonna dry my pants but they're like black. Oh well, yeah my shirts I haven't had to iron and it's crazy.  My pants I think I have 2 I should have gotten all the same COLOR lol. Ohh well mistakes happen RIGHT! lol!
     Yeah I usually get Dear Elder's about 5or 6 ish but yeah I'm gonna send my SD card home next week cause I haven't even taken more than 100 pics. I usually get a Dear Elder about everyday from Jen and Mom at 6 .I  also got a package from Brandon that was cool and so nice of him. I sent him a letter, if he doesn't get it tell him I say thanks. Yeah and send me candy and I dunno what that pig meant on the card either Brandon! lol! But yah, it was just awesome to get it  on the card Brandon sent me, he knows what i mean. umm i dunno i did get a card from Steve and Toni Sims that was cool. Yeah that pen is awesome Jen, i will write in my journal every night with it and candy whatever, you know what i like.  All the candy u have sent es muy deliciouso. I can't spell. hTe gatorades weren't cold but they only have powerades here boooooooooooo. More gatorade is always welcome haha but oh well i probably wont be able to eat it all lol yeah i will! And oh i weighed myself with my shoes and no weight gain thank goodness. I will be excited for my next package and oh yeah can u send me some more lyrics of whatever song is like old and cool to sing and this one goes like for the longest time and its acapella but thanks if u can.
     Thanks you guys are the best, the entire family. I hope Mom shares my temple experience today yeah don't be scared of the temple Jen, just think about why you are there and try to find answers. well yah I love u all and you all are the best and I get dear elders and stuff from you all always and dear elders are awesome 

I love you all

Nos vemos

Con Amour,

Elder Cooper

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