Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pioneer Day was nothing big really just normal life. The camera, wow, that thing is nice! I really enjoyed the videos and movies you put on there haha. You guys are going to Alska huh? That's super awesome I must say, stay safe up there. My companion is the one with yellow hair and was sick, I keep on missing class which sucks but I only missed one or 2. But yah, I think stress just got to him but what else nothing really. OH yah, I went to the temple wow I must say it is such a good experince everyone should go. I totally forgot how good it feels to go.
     Well i guess i don't have too much else to say. PDays are sweet! What else? Ummmh, oh yah I never get a card on Saturday or anything like that. Thats cool that Eric got that job. I love everyone!

Nos Vemos,

Con Amor

Elder Cooper

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