Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Thursday, July 19, 2012

     Here are some answers to your questions,  I think mail takes 3-4 days to get here. And I'm not too sure about the scripture I want on my plaque. I sent you a letter with it, something like Alma 32:41. Maybe something about a tree, just check it and then compare it when you get my letter.  It is about planting your words. I liked it and I just sent the letter so you will get it next week.
      I dunno what really to say, so Eric got a new job well that would be really awesome for him. But yah what else, ummmmmmmm, yah, oh my companionship has been turned into a threesome. It's way better so we had a companion inventory with all three of us and I asked my companion straight up why he hates me and no answer, but the elder who just joined us gave this awesome testimony. His name is Elder Stromberg. He is really nice and is from Utah.  He said how he went on a mission he said how his cousin came back and died of cancer 2 months after he went on a mission and his cousin made sure he went on a mission.  We all shared why we went on a mission. It truly was nice but now my companion seems a lot better.
     But yah keep up the letters guys. I don't really have a bunch, oh yah, Tyler thanks for the Spanish letter I can't read -____- but it's okay, and thanks everyone for the dear elders. and everything else. I love everyone so much and all the support makes the MTC such a blast.
     Well I truly have no clue what else to say. My candy drawer is getting a little empty - wink - wink - and I could use some beef jerky. LOL but yah, Tim's package had so much in there. It's so awesome here, my Spanish is progressing so I'm not too worred about it. I think as long as I work and pray I'll be blessed. I don't really have a funny story this time, but. I dunno what else I found someone who likes Dragonball Z! lol! and that paper that changes color is pretty cool. I'm on the bottom bunk, lol, you know Chris Farley reasons!
     Gatorade would be nice they just have Powerade and a lot of other drinks. I am always thirsty here for some reason. I think you guys are going to need to send me another camera before I leave for the field. I already dropped it once and it feels like one good drop away to boom done. Just work on looking for a good cheap camera. I don't want to get mugged in Mexico although I probably will anyways. Can you check on my VISA? Because a lot of kids aren't getting theirs.
     Well Siesta time and laundry for the rest of my PDay.

I love all of you guys! Thanks for everything!

Nos Vemos,

Elder Scott Cooper

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