Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Friday, July 13, 2012


How's it going? A week already, WOW ! I've gotten so many letters and I am so grateful, everyone in my district is jealous of me. Yes I do get Dear Elder (letters than can be sent from and are delivered to the MTC daily) every day. They come later around 6 pm. Our district leaders go get them after dinner. I'm pretty sure my companion doesn't like me at all. We had one companion inventory and that didn't go so well but, he doesn't seem to be doing so well at all. My Espanol es mas o menos but hopefully with time it will get better. I spend a lot of time studying. I am so gratefull for everyone's letters, they always make me tear up. Every time I get one they make me great with joy to know I have such support. Funny story, we had to teach an investigator, well you know, a member who is acting like an investigator and I just kicked the door in like BOOM and said, "hola, como estas" haha it was pretty funny, but now know I know what to say. I miss everyone so much even though it's only been a week. I really want pictures from everyone, we are having a competition to see who can get the most pictures from different people, so tell everyone to send me some. The food is pretty good, I'm not really sure, but your not supposed to drink the orange juice for some reason. It is like urban myth style, so i will just stay away from it for now. I'm pretty sure I have gained a couple of pounds at least. The AC is perma broken in here. My grip on spanish is getting there but it's so hard right now. When people say stuff in spanish I just have to look at their actions or what we are talking about and try to figure out what they are saying but I just keep praying and hope the Lord will bless me. Well I love you all,

Nos Vemos,


 Elder Cooper

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