Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Letter from Elder Cooper dated 7/6/2012

Dear Mom & Dad, Jen and entire family,

It's only been my first day and wow do I feel the love of you guys. I got 3 letters from Mom and Jen and how awesome it was! It was kind of funny I got 3 letters and 2 packages even though I couldn't get the packages cause it was too late, but thank you.
     Well my first half day was okay my companion is short and quiet but he seems like a nice guy. There are 4 Elders all together in one room. They are all really nice. We are all going to the Mexico City West Mission. There is this thing called SYL (speak your language) and it is so confusing. I literally don't understand my teacher. Hermano Walker, he is the best and funniest teacher.
     I only feel homesick when I think of you guys or when I read your letters. Thanks for all your support! I can't believe that it will be 2 years before I see anyone. Oh yeah, my P-Day is on Thursday so I just missed it. I thought it would be faster to write a letter.

I love you all!

Elder Scott Cooper

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