Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Thursday, August 16, 2012


Dear Famila,
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JEN ! I knew you would like the card I sent, I am glad mom hid it until today to give it to you. Yeah I can call from Salt Lake so  both types of calling cards (domestic and International) would probably be good haha, but yah I am glad that everyone enjoyed my pictures, I though you had sent me back the SD card but I guess not.I loved the package but where's the game of risk?  It will be fun if you can send that to me. Yeah the MTC is alright. I haven't heard anything on my visa so I  hope there's no problems. You might want to call Wells Fargo and tell them i'm going to Mexico soon. Me espanol es mas o menos, pero la volantad de dios lol but hopefully I will learn a lot of Spanish in the field. oh yeah hows Eric doing? Did he get over his food poising I am guessing yes! You know you could try recording video on whatever camera you have and maybe my camera will be able to play it just a thought you know haha. Jen did you know that you and katie both sent me the same dear elder package so I have 2 chips and cheese to go eat yum I saved them for my p-day hahahaha!  I have like everything I could ever need lol but I will probably learn that I needed something else in Mexico haha! Jen I got your card on Saturday but I got moms on Monday how weird ! Yeah just a p-day the best day at the MTC hahaha and I got grandmas card and will write her a letter along with a few other people today. I meant that there are a lot of people leaving my zone like going to the field so we just have a bunch of new people. Just send your cards on Wednsday and you will get them here Saturday.My companion wants to be a greeter so badly so he went downstairs and told the ladies that our district would love to do it so i was like well alright lets do this then haha it will be fun I guess but next week is our first chance. Well dont miss me to much haha and Jen have a fun birthday day so I will be looking forward to your dear elders like always. I love you and nos vemos till next semana entinoce
con amor
Elder Cooper.

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