Called to serve in the Mexico City West Mission

Monday, September 10, 2012

Hello Everyone,
     Well I made it and I guess you can say I am still alive. Well let me start off by saying our mission president is very strict and I can only send one letter home via email. Oh well on to the more important stuff. Well Mexico is crazy, it's like well crazy. There is a tienda(shop) on every square and it's pretty funny, i'm not gonna lie. Everything cost at least 10 pesos which is like a dollar and I am pretty sure i'm not gonna make it on the $100 bucks the church gives me so yeah I might have to use some person money. Anyway I bought a blanket here cool eh. Anyway guess where I just came from? A FLIPPIN WALMART hahaha how funny is that. Anyway I got some Captain Crunch mhmhmmhm so good. I spent  like 300 pesos which is like wait $30 bucks haha yeah. Mexico is crazy people speak fast and everyone is catholic. Yeah so the first day I got here I had to start contacting people lol I was like okay, so then I started doing it and well it's nerve racking.  I dunno I still do it but our goal is to contact 140 people a week and we contacted 144 people, oh yeah and I got like half of those. 
     The 3 crazy things that happened were well we confirmed someone which was cool, I got to stand in the circle and then what else.. oh yeah I almost died from a bottle rocket hahah I found that to be cool  cause these kids were shooting bottle rockets and I saw one coming at me and I moved left and it went right and I was like well I almost died haha. Oh well que mas... que mas ohh this ones funny.We were contacting and  I saw this dog that looked like a mix between Charlie and Pepe, I told my companion look this dog loves you and then he started following us around haha he was chasing us around all day and even got attacked by another dog.We finally lost him at a taco stand boooo. We called him Baxster I was like Baxster you know I don't speak Spanish hahaha. Anyways yeah there are dogs on like every calle ( street) and then if you just face them or act like you are going to throw a rock you are good to go. 
     Oh yeah my companion is white his name is Elder Johnson and well that was great to know. Yeah my area sucks all we have is hills and it sucks I  think the president is trying to make me loose weight ! Oh well ! I think my feet are going to fall off. They hurt so bad,  because all we do is walk. what else. Oh yeah I am not really sick just some upset stomach issues. I have only eaten at a members house like 3 times cause we can only have lunch there for some reason. Then oh haha  Jen will find this funny. I  had this candy. Its lime juice that's mixed with dulce(candy) which was like chile. So chile mixed with lime on top of water melon square. Let me just tell you. yum yum right haha..It was pretty funny actually. Well it was strong.  
      Mom don't worry I am living in terrible living conditions if you saw it you would gasp haha. It's probably the same as Tyler's was.Yeah it's just blah the beds suck but oh well. You should see the deadly way they heat water. You have to use like one of those home depot buckets. fill it with water and drop a iron in, like the one you iron your clothes with. Right seems like a good way to die. Well must be a Mexico thing. I soak my feet everynight and I also warm  my water for my shower. cause we dont have gas cause the gas guy hasn't come around. weak. Cold showers are for derranged animals. Am i right or what? Well yah it kinda sucks but hopefully it will get better !  The 2 things i eat here are grilled cheese and cereal. So yeah that's awesome cause how in the world can you mess those up right. Right now im at an internet cafe so that's fun.we stopped on the way back. So Mom and Dad are in alaska when I am in Mexico I see how it is ehh. Brandon's sick well that sucks lo siento hope u get better. You should see the candy its so funny. Yesturday I had this candy dulce that was a sucker and it just tasted like piña(pineapple) it was pretty good  made me laugh so hard. Yeah on friday its Independence day so I have no clue what we will be doing cause it will be crazy that day. I have heard we can watch movies that would be sick. Hmm what else I dunno oh yeah seeing you guys at LAX was so nice, it just made me miss you guys more but hey thats what happens on a mission. Yeah Spanish is pretty hard but I can understand somewhat of what people are saying so I am working on it. Oh yah we do have to slick or part our hair its so lame. So if you see a picture that is why it's parted.I dunno what else to say about Mexico. I mean it is just pretty crazy. My feet are dying and I need to buy  new shoes but it will probably never happen so we will see. Let's see what other cool stories can I tell. Oh I had a chance to give a preisthood blessing to some old lady even tho I just did the anionting but she wasn't even a member but you know she could feel the spirit.I also bore my testimony to some other old lady she said she would not go to church but I could feel the spirit so strong I just wanted to be like be baptisted but then we left.
      Well it kinda breaks my heart to leave with sending only 1 message but it is the rules. I dunno what else I could say truthfully my p-day is almost over and were back to the same old week. Mexico is kinda crazy and gracias por the backpack Katie, the only thing is it doesn't hold the waters here very well oh yeah that's something I learned very quickly .So I had  to pick up this bottle that I had dropped full of delicious water. When i dropped it, it busts everywhere I was like great ! Well next time I will try not to litter. Also the streets are littered with trash I dunno how they do it but it is everywhere. Anyway well I am gonna end it cause I feel you guys have a nice long email to read and I dunno what else to put. Well yeah by the way they do have a lot of the American stuff here but it has different names and higher prices which is weak. Soo yeah have fun and maybe one of these years I will get a package haha chiste. well I better get back to work I guess
Gracias por su amor, nos vemos mucho ama
Con Amor,
Elder Cooper

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